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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, April 22, 2016

Busy Kitchen

I started the day yesterday by mixing up and baking a carrot cake for Son .  It calls for baby food carrots.  We love it because it's dense.  I am able to locate organic, non-gmo baby food at our local store

I made a batch of homemade tortillas with lard.  

My puppies are now officially way over board spoiled.

They went bananas for banana-carrot dog treats.  I shared with Jesse too.  It's like they knew the treats were for them too.  Oh, and we all tasted them too.  Pretty good. 

I picked a few more fresh asparagus.  Boy does this stuff even smell better than organic from the store.  Can't wait to enjoy it again.

I'm not sure what's in store for the weekend yet.  Last weekend we were dealing with this:

Do you see that truck behind our goat fence?  It's not anyone we know.  It's a customer of that nuisance business up the road, and that truck was one of many many vehicles.  They cross the highway (or drive up and down the highway), drive down the field north of our house and enter where that truck is entering.   

There were actually dust clouds so thick, I almost could not see the 4-wheelers crossing.  The dust clouds the business were creating were blowing from east to west, and pretty much made poor visibility for drivers on the highway.  I'm afraid that someone will be hurt, or killed by that business.  Most nuisance businesses like this encourage drinking.  

One customer driving past, hauling a 4-wheeler revved driving past our house last weekend (a customer of the nuisance business that we do not know).  The next time he passes, and does it, I'll be smart enough to get his plate numbers and report it to the Sheriff.  We've been getting harassed (in so many ways) for 3 years (revving in the woods behind our home at 3am etc.), trying to create trouble to force us to sell.  We are not selling.  The business owner alone, drives around our property at 3-4am many times.  He's actually told Hubby that if we didn't like it to sell (among other threats).

The man running this business actually randomly gets on a dirt bike and revs it up and down a field just south of us, and revs at our southeast property corner. He just revs north and south, alongside the highway, making a bunch of racket, then leaves.  Next time, I'll get it on film. I call that harassment too.  Our biggest concern is safety health and welfare of the public.   If there is drinking, there is a high chance there are drugs. Combine that with driving vehicles, driving illegally on roadways, and camping and you get disaster.


RB said...

At least your puppies are sitting nice and pretty to be spoiled. LOL
As for the nuisance neighbors, did he finally get a business license for what he's doing? If not, I'd get a few game cameras, hide them here and there on YOUR property, and start recording to show the sheriff and a judge if necessary exactly what's going on along with where and when. And remember, keep that detailed journal - date, time, location, description of vehicle if possible, individual riding if that can be determined or description of them if not.
Prayers everyone has a safe happy weekend.
God bless.

Kristina said...

Thank you RB