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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Living my Life ~ Facebook Follies

I have to admit, that many times, I have felt I was not living my life for me. However, since I have put limitations on how much time I spend on the computer, I feel I am giving myself time to live my life. And for me. I'm not speaking selfishly, but in the spirit of caring for myself.

I'm one of the very few people that do not have a facebook account. People can be whoever they want to be when they chat on-line. Whether in a form, chat room, or facebook, there is too much of a window for too many to see your personal life. Sure I have a blog, but do we really need to be on facebook daily? With people who most likely never visit you outside of the virtual realm?

I started my blog to force myself to write everyday. Simply for my own pleasure, in my quest to sharpen my writing skills and to write a book. I began to share family traditions, recipes, crafts and eventually a blog for recycled art projects. Those basic ideas to were good and are still good.

Facebook reminds me of poison. Once you try it, your hooked. If you fail to check it daily, you feel upset. Emotions are stirred when people are rude and emotions stir when someone refuses to be "your friend". It has become one of the top social networks on the Internet today. But do we really need to be so connected that we can't even connect with our husband's and children? You may have gotten today's "news" on facebook, but do you know what your child did in school today? Do you know what your husband did at work today? Interesting thoughts huh?

This is a tough subject, because I have family members with facebook accounts. For whatever reason, they are all different. For old classmates it could be to brag or boast about their career. If I did have a facebook account, it would read "Stay-at-Home Mom" and rich! I'm rich in heart, love, and to the best of my ability, remain rich with Christ in our lives.

As for me, there will not be facebook follies. I'll check my mailbox for letters and answer my phone for calls, and let those who really want to keep in touch, keep in touch the old-fashioned way.

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