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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Rain, rain, and more rain

I'm posting without any photos for the first time in a long time.  It rained the entire day yesterday.  All day long, dark, dreary, and the type of weather you'd want to curl up with a book or crochet.

We ran errands.  It was miserable driving weather, but we did.  I was upset, only because we were rushed for time, I forgot to grab my crochet work. 

We had a 1 hour drive to get to the bank we needed to get to, and I forgot my stinkin' crochet.  I was beside myself.  Wasted that time, but enjoyed talking with Hubby.  He thought it was funny I was so flabbergasted I had nothing in my hands. 

We accomplished our stops, and I came home without my new circular knitting needles.  I'll have to drive in another direction, on another day to search for them.  I needed a US size 15, and they only had up to 11. I will have to find a Jo-Ann Fabrics to find them I think.  Our store in the "big city" closed years ago.  Nothing is easy to get to when you live in the boonies.

We returned home and had this crazy idea we'd go dancing.  The band Hubby hired for my surprise birthday was in town, but not playing until 9pm.

We crawled in bed and took a nap to prepare.

Or so we though we were preparing, ha ha!  I had ideas for what to wear, and we were both excited. 

Until we lost our excitement and decided to eat dinner in bed, watch netflix and turn in early, ha ha ha ha!

I'll regret not going dancing, but I'm sure they will play again in our area.   

We are now both well rested folks, and I'm feeling much much better, so sleeping in and napping yesterday helped.  It's very wet out, so we are limited to outdoor work, but Hubby has truck repairs that he never got to yesterday.  I am not sure what today will entail, but the fact we are healthy, and rested is a bonus.

Adding to Hubby's to-do list, is fix my Grandma's Christmas tree.  The ceramic one.  The cord needs replaced.  The original cord has been on it since I was a kid.  We'll be taking at least a look at it and deciding if we can even replace it.  I'm not even sure we can still purchase the light bulbs for it anymore.  I guess we'll be finding out. 

Fields are flooded today, and we went from a 58° day to a 37° morning.  I'm sure I'll be sloshing through wetness to get to the barn today.  Or rowing out there in the boat, ha ha!


Mama Pea said...

I'd say you made really good use (naps and all!) of your rainy weather day yesterday. I know I would have been pooped after a day of driving a ways to do errands. Have you looked online for your large circular needles? Sometimes it's surprising that an item can be purchased that way more economically than the cost (time and money) of driving to a store to look for them.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, you read my mind. I will be looking online later today or this week anyway.

Rain said...

Naps, blankets, dinner in bed and movies are PERFECT on a rainy day! And a snowy one. I think this is in our future tonight. We're opening the last Camembert and I tried a few new cream a cheese board in bed with some Gene Kelly movies and I'm happy happy happy! :)

Unknown said...

We’re in the U.P. We’re an hour from just about everything, Marquette being the closest. Most people here don’t consider an hour trip that bad but I do! I have to take a book to read when i’m The passenger, no knitting or crochet, here.
We’ve had lake effect snow off and on today. So, we’ve been dark and dreary, too. Except, ours is fluffier!
Have a fabulous evening! Debbie

Kristina said...

Rain, definitely got some rest, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Thanks Debbie!