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Adopted Motto

"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday

I'm joining Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, for Happy Homemaker Monday.  How happy is your Monday today?  Well, school break started today.  That makes me happy.  I have company and help.  I used my photo of the flourless brownies to remind myself we are due to have them again.  I have more homemade whiskey butterscotch sauce to use, and it's perfectly paired with them.  It's also good drizzled over a coffee cake too, so that may be on the menu too.

On the breakfast plate. . . 

 Coffee, burrito with egg, potato, sausage, beans and cowboy candy.

Right now I am. . .
Sorting bills.  

The weather outside. . .
Cold but sunny.

Looking around the house. . . 
I see we really need to get the Christmas totes put back in the garage.  That way I can get around the living room much easier, and get back to exercise again.  The house is looking very festive however.

On the to-do list. . .
-clean kitchen window woodwork
-clean more woodwork in bedroom
-clean up and put away Christmas totes
-scrub the tub
-pay bills
-library returns and pick ups
-crack more walnuts
-scrub dog bowls
-work on barn wood
-bring in firewood

On the menu this week . . .

Sunday: Meatballs with home canned pepper mustard sauce wild rice, and corn
Monday:  Sweet potato Chili
Tuesday:  BBQ pork chops, brown rice or quinoa, green beans
Wednesday:  Chicken Teriyaki
Friday:  Cod, spinach, garlic mashed potatoes
Saturday:  Leftovers

If I have a minute to myself today I will . . .
Work on the scarves for the upcoming craft sale.

New recipe I want to try or tried. . .
 New roll recipes.  Just need to get some time to try them. Oh, and chocolate marshmallows, and a few others.

Looking forward to this week . . .
Skipping Thanksgiving!!!!!!  No baking, no cooking, no rushing around, no dirty dishes to wash!!!  Woohoo!  I am very much looking forward to getting past the entire week healthy!!!  I'm still in the spirit, and may even be able to visit some family, but so less stressed this year.

Favorite photo from the camera. . .

Devotional, Scripture, Key Verses, Quotes . . .
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Rain said...

That's a very good quote Kristina...I used to only live for the future and lost so much time, not enjoying the present. One of my mottos is always to make the best with what I have so that I don't have any regrets. Your photo is MY favourite photo of the week too! :) Are you all staying home at Thanksgiving...just having a healthy meal?

Mama Pea said...

Please tell us how you're "skipping Thanksgiving" this year! Are you just ignoring it (the work and fuss of the big dinner, etc.) or are you going somewhere else for the day? Anyone who doesn't have to prepare the meal doesn't understand it's not much fun for the cook!

Kristina said...

Rain, and Mama Pea, I am just not cooking one thing for the meal, and eating elsewhere. He he he! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of me too. The kids are all for it, and both sides of the family are having their get togethers on the same day at the same time. We will only have time to pop in and say hello to Hubby's sister that day too. I will be cooking for Christmas though. I just want to get past this week, considering what happened last year (oye!). I'm still in the spirit, just less stressed.

Jean said...

Glad you are less stressed this year! Many times I'd like to skip a few holidays ;) Hope you have a wonderful week.

Kristina said...

Jean, we are still eating the traditional turkey etc. but it won't be cooked by me this year.

Lucie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Glad you get to relax this week for Thanksgiving.
whiskey butterscotch sauce - that sounds amazing!

Kristina said...

Thanks Lucie, the sauce is very easy to make too, and lasts a month in the fridge.

Tamy Bollar said...

I am running so, so late this week visiting everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends. Have a great weekend.

Kristina said...

Thanks for stopping in Tamy!