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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, April 4, 2016


My husband is a very hard working man.  We often sacrifice your life for the needs of our kids.  What parent doesn't?

We spend our hard earned money on cars, repairs, school,clothing, school trips to D.C., bicycles, skate boards, pets, swimming lessons, horse riding lessons, musical instruments and lessons, voice lessons, college, and so many other wants and needs.  Life goes by too fast, and before we realize we haven't done anything for ourselves (but hard work).

We have gotten the puppies for us, but they are family dogs too.  We also take more time for our marriage, now that the kids are older.  So what's next?
UPDATE:  Just a few hours after posting this blog post, I got a text from Hubby.  Even after driving over two hours to look at it on Saturday, and agreeing to buy it just yesterday, the owner sent a text that said he was not selling it and decided to keep it.  Personally, if the guy wants to do dirty like that, then I'm glad we didn't spend our hard earned money with him.

Hubby's birthday is next month.  He's wanted one of these for so long, and we are not getting any younger.  We spend countless hours working hard.  

We've been under a ton of stress over the last three years with our nuisance neighbor as well, and it's high time Hubby got something he wanted. A good dose of "happy."

Yes, it's his birthday present.  A long awaited present.  And guess who'll be riding on the back?  

For once in my life, I am motivated more to get those last pounds off. I'd look pretty silly on the back of I didn't.  Hubby is so excited, he's motivated too.

It will save us a ton of money on gas.  He plans to ride it to work on good weather days.  His truck has terrible gas mileage, but we need a truck on homestead too.  It's an expense to buy, but to see him so happy is totally worth it. He's owned two motorcycles in his lifetime, so he's and experienced rider, so that eases my mind.

Now I need to clean out the garage. He wants to go pick it up in a week.  


FAST SOS said...

you don't ride to add years to your life, you ride to add life to your years.

As the President of a Motorcycle club I can honestly say you won't regret the cruiser, congratulations on what seems to be a well earned treat, enjoy life back on two wheels,
All the Best

Mama Pea said...

What a sad disappointment that must have been. (I'm betting after your husband said he'd buy it, someone else came by and offered the seller more money -- which is NOT the way a good person does business.) You must have agonized over buying the bike in the first place I know, and then having made the decision and felt good about it . . . and then having the seller pull that on you spoils the whole deal. Keep looking. Something else may come your way.

My husband has had quite a few bikes, from big to small, and enjoyed them all so I know how excited your hubby would have been about this purchase.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, he was very upset, especially after driving all that way. I think he's also glad it happened this way too. He said there was something about the guy he didn't like.

RB said...

I got my first motorcycle ride at 18 (my last at age 61, and I hope I'm not done yet), and I've loved them ever since. I pray you will always be happy and safe on that motorcycle. So many vehicle drivers don't know how much space to give bikers. With only two wheels on the ground (half the friction of a 4 wheel vehicle), it often takes them more time to stop, and over the years, I've come close to losing two biker friends (the second is still recovering and will never be 100% again) to carelessness and pure stupidity on the part of other drivers.
God bless.

Susan said...

I bet the perfect bike, sold by a good person is coming your way!

Kristina said...

Thank you RB. I just glad he knows how to drive one.

Kristina said...

Thanks Susan. He's looking a a few more, and trying to go look a some.