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Wear it out,
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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, June 5, 2020

Garden is almost In! ~ Donations ~ No Rain

We've been busy, busy, busy, followed by majorly tired.  We had a good few days of planting - 103 tomatoes (3 varieties), 49 jalapeno plants, 3 hot banana pepper plants, 52 bell peppers ....squash, cucumbers, etc.  We are down to repairing the last two raised beds, filling them and planting and possibly tilling one small area of the garden for more squash.  I would like to plant more squash in the next few days. 

Daughter's interview went great.  She gets to tour the hair salon this month and they are opening (they haven't been open).

Donating to Goodwill has been a challenge.  We called ahead to make sure, but upon arrival there was no one to take the donations at the door (stay in car they come out and get it).  We called while at the donation door - nothing.  I'll be calling Easter Seals to see if they can do a house pick up for the next donations.

Hubby is out watering the flowers right now.  No rain even though they said it was 80% sure it would.  Next up is me.  I'm heading out to the big gardens and dragging around my 200 plus foot hose.  It's gonna be a hot one again today.  We still haven't put the downstairs AC in.  We've literally been too tired after the garden.  Crossing my fingers in goes in before the weekend is over.

We have been enjoying the lemon balm popsicles I made.  They really cool us off after the heat and sweat in the gardens.


Faith said...

How about those Ohio weather "forcasters". The sky got all dark and purple, and we even heard thunder yesterday...not one drop. Out with the house and watering can. This morning it looks like rain again. nothing is better for the plants than a good but soft does of rain.

Kristina said...

Faith, no rain here for days now. My garden really needs it too.

hart said...

Lemon balm popsicles sound delicious.

Kristina said...

hart, they are good too!

Wildflower Adventures said...

Do you have the lemon popsicles recipe posted somewhere in your blog? It does sound delicious on hot summer days. We've been having to water here too, though we don't have quite as big a garden as ya'll. We have 9 tomatoes & 8 pepper plants. Other seeds are starting to take off as well.

RB said...

Popsicles really sound good, don't they. LOL I remember when our Mom, then later as we grew older, we did it ourselves, made popsicles out of Koolaid. We'd sometimes have a race to see who could suck the color out of theirs the fastest, often ending up with a frozen tongue. But gee, it was good.
About a week ago on our local news, they said the local charities were ramping up for huge amounts of donations because of people being out of work, clearing out closets and drawers, etc. Maybe that's where the Salvation Army people were, sorting out things. The news also said donated items were going to have to sit somewhere for 14 days before being offered for sale. Our charities and thrift store back rooms are so packed with donated things even during normal times, I have no idea where they're going to store 14 days worth of things, but understand the need for it.
It's been hot here too, and I don't like it. With the storm brewing out in the Gulf though, God only knows what we'll get, or not get. Might go right up the Mississippi River, or might turn into the Ohio River. Who knows. Praying for all in its path.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, same here, thrift stores are packed with items due to everyone cleaning house.

Kristina said...

Wildflower Adventures, if you click on the link it my one post tells where to find the recipe online. I think it was Edible Wild foods.