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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sun Fun ~ Garden Plants ~ Garage Clean Out ~ Ride

My daffodils are blooming like crazy!

Yesterday I noticed the hyacinths are starting to bloom too.

To update on yesterday, we never saw the person we heard, but it was dark out when we did.  However, when I took one dog out (with my husband) we could smell a campfire in the woods behind the house.  We are going to mow down a path out along the woods to walk all the dogs now.

The sun was out all day Monday.  So thankful for that. I had to stay home for a Fed Ex delivery, so my wonderful husband went to the greenhouse and picked up flats of tomato plants etc.

We chose to go and get them early this year, as we both have a feeling so many more people will now be planting a vegetable/fruit garden.  I called the greenhouse ahead of time, and she said people were already coming in and buying plants.  Her supplier has warned her she may sell out quickly as May approaches.

I'm not sure I'll be getting a rosemary plant or not.  They do not survive here in winter and I cannot for the life of me keep it alive all winter indoors.  I have a plan, but we'll see.

I enjoyed a cup of nettle, mullein and plantain early yesterday.  MRH is closed again, so I will be checking my stinging nettle patch soon.

The garage cleaning is finally underway.  Hubby is ready full force to get things cleaned up and I'm taking advantage of him being home.

Oh, and I got my ride yesterday and I slept like a baby last night.  My first ride on our new bike.  I miss the old one, but love the new one.


Faith said...

I've already got some seeds sprouting, we have limited garden space. I've got some tomatoes & hot peppers they are leggy already, and could use some sun, not likely here. I've got some Rosemary seeds planted, nothing is happening. They are a bit of a conundrum arn't they? I'd be glad to see what you are up to with that. I've not tried to over winter one. Hot pepper. nothing. I saved the seed from last years farmer market trip :(

Rain said...

Look at that bike, that's so cool Kristina :) Oh your flowers...the daffodils look amazing! What a nice gift of spring!!! :)

Bovey Belle said...

Seeds, greenhouses, polytunnels - everything gardening online is selling out so fast, as all the garden centres are shut (non-essential stores). We managed to get a small polytunnel, which took us two days to put up. I have some more seeds ordered on line and think some arrived today, but the post is in quarantine! We won't touch it for a couple of days now.

Glad you got your ride out. I have just refused the chance of going with our eldest daughter (who lives with us) for the ride, as she is going to collect our greengrocery and meat orders this afternoon.

I have made it out for a walk though - wanted to test my lungs as I am ona short course of steroids at the moment (I think it must be tree pollen causing problems with my asthma).

I don't know how bad your winters are but Rosemary plants are Mediterranean so like it dry and hot all year round. I planted my last one in the corner of a raised bed in a south-facing yard and it survived, but we rarely have snow here.