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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Battle of Planting Saga Continues

Youngest and I spent about an hour on the porch Fri. night waiting on Hubby to arrive home.  We read books and watched all the motorcycles go by (Bike Week). Hubby had good intentions to till, but it didn't happen.  Again.

We also watched about 7 deer come out of the woods across the street.  One doe and a lot of young bucks.

I got two more tomato plants in the tomato garden Saturday morning - making the total up to 70 plants so far.  I also put down 453# of mulch down in the flower beds, but need more.  By 11am, they downgraded the storm, and had only 45% of rain.  

I've been asked, "what do you do with all of them?"

Tomato sauce
Pizza sauce
BBQ sauce
Taco Sauce
Tomato soup
Tomato paste
Crushed tomatoes
Frozen tomatoes
Dehydrated tomatoes (soups, crackers etc.)
Green tomato salsa
Green tomato chutney
Fresh tomatoes to eat
Baked stuffed tomatoes for dinner
...there's probably a lot I'm forgetting too.

I had mulch to dump in the flower beds, because the tilling was not yet done.  We really need a new one, 'cause it's older and tricky to run, so Hubby does it vs. me.  Anyway, the mulch that I had was put in the beds.  To get him to till, with his work schedule and the rain, it's been a HUGE battle to plant the garden.  I'm doing it on my own this year.  I do plan to call out to the kids for help, and those who do will get fed well.  Hubby is tilling, I'm planting.  And it's not a small garden.

I have over 54 jalapenos and over 54 green bell pepper plants waiting to be planted.  Of course the rest of the garden too.

Why so many jalapenos?
-cowboy candy (takes a lot to make)
-frozen jalapenos
-fire powder (dehydrated hot peppers)
-hot pepper relish

Speaking of hot pepper relish, not one of my hot banana pepper seeds sprouted that I saved last year.  I will be searching for them in produce stands this summer.

Why so many bell peppers?
I have great intentions to get some stuffed bell peppers in the freezer, some diced and sliced for freezing, and I need some for salsa and other recipes and canning recipes.  It's great for dipping fresh into hummus too.

However....rain arrived.  Storms, and lots of rain.  I left the last year's black plastic out in the veggie garden in, in hopes it would help keep those rows dry.  Right now there is a chance for tilling and planting, but no motorcycle ride to bike week events.  Rain all day in that city, but off and on here.  I guess we'll see.

Oh, and Hubby has mentioned his work schedule of working 6 - 10 hour days will continue for a few more weeks or more.  Yeah, I'm cringing.


Lisa B said...

Gosh I was feeling good about my garden until I read this ;/` Oh well I'll plant my 12-15 tomato plants and 6 jalopeno plants along with other things and be happy about it. You made me look bad. Keep it up girl you are inspiring.

Mother Em said...

I'm sitting "all tired out" with what and how you handle all the tomatoes and peppers when they "arrive" in your kitchen~~ Phew!

It's been as high as 102 here today and no relief in sight. All the flooding/rain we had in the spring (early) has been sucked up and ground is horribly dry, choking for water. And, summer hasn't arrived yet!

Hope you have a restful Memorial Day tomorrow, as I'm sure you haven't put your feet up today...haha.

Mary in Georgia

Mother Em said...

I'm sitting here "all tired out" thinking about what you do with all those tomatoes and peppers once they "arrive" in your kitchen...Phew!

It's been as high as 102 today and no relief in sight. What flooding/rain we received in the early spring has the ground all dried up, begging for water. And, summer hasn't arrived yet.

Hope you have a restful Memorial Day tomorrow and that, perhaps, you have had a chance to put your feet up today. Probably, not!

Mary in Georgia

Leigh said...

Oh my that's a huge garden, but oh so wonderful. You will be working hard this summer; don't wear yourself out!

mamasmercantile said...

My goodness that is a lot of tomatoes.

Robin said...

I have been thinking about you’re concrete area where you hope to put your greenhouse. Do you think you will paint the floor black to absorb the heat? Just wondering

Kristina said...

Lisa, I just grow a large garden because we can so much (and freeze) for winter and spring.

Kristina said...

Thanks Mother Em

Kristina said...

Leigh, I'm not so sure the peppers will get in the ground this year. Sadly.

Kristina said...

Robin, good question. We may have to put a black flooring over it.