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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Planting Resumes ....shortly

The first thing I checked on a few days ago - stinging nettles.  It was wet, but I needed a low key day.  In reality, we pretty much did nothing, as rest was needed anyway.

My lemon balm curse has turned into a blessing.  I found more uses for it.  Lemon balm was cut and washed.  I filled the dehydrator as full as I could.  I have a plan.  

The Good Lord stopped the rain for a morning, so I was dreading tickled pink to go to work.  I got 36 sweet potatoes planted, 1 1/4 rows of wax beans planted.....but rain was expected so there's no telling when the remaining tilling can be done to plant the rest.  Patience is a virtue has been repeated often. 

I had to replant some cucumbers.  Oh my land, it is a muddy mess out there, and it may take many days to dry up. Rain arrived yesterday afternoon (long drawn out sigh...)
I can't believe it's June 13th and I still have to plant popcorn, to types of pumpkin, all of my green peppers, and two heirloom "big boy" type tomato plants.  We gave up on cabbage and cauliflower.  We could not find them anywhere, and did not start any from seed.

The rain came back yesterday evening, and it ha ha he he ho ho ha ha ha ha, poured.

New to the flower beds.  The blooms are starting to pop some color now.  Do you see that nice bunch of plantain next to it?  He he!  I let it grow there for medicinal reasons.

Speaking of medicinal....

. . . . strained my skullcap oil, and strained my sage infused witch hazel.  I made an ACV herbal infusion for the first time and it grew mold (sad face).  I'm going to make it again, but this time with vodka.

I started a new jar of infused herb/oil.

I hope to have updates on the use of them and if they helped.

After exhausting myself for the day, I took another mini-sauna with organic eucalyptus and peppermint oil.  Poof, sinus pressure released, headache gone.  All the while my tea brewed for exhaustion - gingko.  I'm out of ginseng, gotu kola and licorice root.

Rain is, ha ha ha he he he ho ho he he ha ha, in the forecast today again.   I guess I'm glad everything is getting planted late.  I don't have enough seeds to replant much, and otherwise it would be flooded out by now.  


Mama Pea said...

Hang in there, dear lady! Your growing season is long enough that you can still get your crops to maturity . . . IF your blasted rain would just STOP! Oh, so, so, so frustrating when you can't get done what needs to be done because of the weather, and not anything you're neglecting to do yourself. Grrrrr!

I think your not feeling so purdy good has to be caused by the stress of your circumstances right now. And, of course, that's a hard, hard thing to handle/get over. (I should talk . . . Ms. Self-Stress Inducing herself!) Sending hugs to you.

Connie said...

I'm curious to see what you do with your Lemon Balm.
Sorry about all the rain :(
We live in a desert area so rain is always welcome, except when the hay is down, LOL.
I love what you named your farm, I'm going over names for ours. I want to name it and hubby thinks it's a dumb idea. That's men for you. I'm slowly bringing him around to the idea :)
Have a lovely day, wishing you sunshine and rainbows.
Connie :)

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I hope to be able to plant at least the popcorn soon. It's been one of those rainy years here.

Kristina said...

Connie, I'll be sure to post about lemon balm. Also you should definitely name your farm. The kids helped me pick one.

Rain said...

Oh gosh...patience is a virtue that you really seem to have! That is a LOT of rain!!! Hang in there!

Kristina said...

Rain, it has been one of those very wet starts to the summer this year. The good part is that I didn't plant it all back late May, so it wasn't flooded out. I may have to replant some yellow squash, but other than weeds galore, the garden is doing well.