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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, March 16, 2018

Wacky Winter ~ Indoor seed planting has started

I think anyone living in our neck of the woods, has lost their marbles by this point in the season.  I think most of us, look out the window and just start laughing hysterically.  This tells it exactly as it is....
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Hubby got a laugh out of this too.  What a "wacky" winter we are having.

So what's going on here lately?

We had a nice windy, somewhat sunny day, so laundry made it to the clothesline.  Not too chilly on Thursday either, as long as the sun was shining.

It was a two crock-pot day too.  One crock pot had a double batch of sweet potato chili, and the other pumpkin steel cut oats for breakfast(s).

Granola was made two days ago.  I was totally out, and what a better day to bake, to warm up the kitchen. Besides, the empty jars are piling up (like in a huge way) and I could stand to fill a few up.  I'm running out places to store them.

Sauerkraut was started.  Fermented food are so good for a healthy diet, so I try to have something fermenting.

Speaking of which....guess what I did for the first time?

I pickled turnips.  I did!  I had to buy them this time of year, but I needed fresh beets for our salad I wanted to try too.  We will get to taste them after they sit a while.  I'll be back with photos and an update on this soon.

I roasted raw cashews with dark brown sugar, salt, rosemary, cayenne, and a bit of butter (Ina Garten recipe online).  You can see the dark brown sugar was still thick, so next time I may try brown sugar and add a bit of blackstrap molasses.  Have you ever tasted an untainted, unsalted, raw organic non-gmo cashew?  Blech.  I had to jazz them up somehow to get my nuts this week.  Almonds are all gone.  However, these are delicious.  Spicy/sweet with rosemary.  An odd combination, but it works for me.

Aside from the kidney and black beans in the chili.  Legume of the week:  A pound of dry chickpeas were cooked up in preparation for the new recipe (I'll be back to share recipes).

I'm on a mission for another recipe to try - spinach/artichoke dip.  However, my mission is to find one that is less chessy, and still delicious. 

I have found a new pie recipe, that I want to try this year.  Last year we did great with the chocolate mouse pie, the blueberry pie with a twist, and the sweet potato pie.  

Gardening has begun this season.  I have planted 64 jalapeno seeds and 34 bell pepper.  Organic/heirloom varieties of course.  Not sure what I'll start next.  

Oh, and I made a trip to the library. Woot woot!  Here is my library loot:

The one on top is not as thrilling as I wished.  The herbs are per page, small descriptions, and no recipes.  Book is small too.  I have yet to read through the others.


Susan said...

I bet your house is smelling delicious! I had to laugh at that winter saying - it is so true. However, our winter never seems to leave the room.

Kristina said...

Susan, it has been one long winter for sure.

Kristen - said...

I just wondered if you had fermented kefir. Love that winter quote! I'm in Houston, but even we have had a colder than normal winter.

Kristina said...

Kristen, I have not made my own kefir yet, but I am just now doing more reading up on it. Unfortunately, I do not have any local friends or family who make kefir, to share their recipes or experiences. I am relying on books. I am fermenting more vegetables though, and I do buy organic kombucha as well.