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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Random Tidbits

My weekly menu is going by the "seat of my pants."  Monday I really didn't want to go out, so I made "Garbage" soup.  Basically, it contained whatever veggies I had left in my freezer, and pantry - green beans, dehydrated mushrooms, celery, tomato sauce, the very last pint of onion soup, a small bag of corn, some zucchini....some last bits of leftover zucchini salsa in the get the point.  It was actually very good too, and it helped start the cleaning of the fridge.

Monday was a catch up day on laundry, bedding, and what not.  It literally took all day, and in between fetching the last of the firewood pile and taking dogs out, I wrote out my grocery list for the remaining week.  I did absolutely zero handiwork.  I think I just got to a "burned out" point last week.

Tuesday, there was plenty of leftover soup, and I made a huge bowl of organic romaine/spinach and lots of other raw veggies.

Even though my daffodils are popping up, we had steady snow all day Monday and again Tuesday.  We are so ready to see the snow gone.  

Guess what?  We woke up to more now this morning.

Although the entire point of the weekend trip was to gain back sanity, we are close to losing it again.  The musical our youngest is in, is wearing not only her out, but us.  Practice started back in January, three months ago, and they rehearse every night after school from 4pm-9pm.  One of us has to go pick her up.  They practiced all day Saturday as well, and on Monday they didn't get out until about 10pm.  It's ridiculous (not to mention all  the running around we had to do for her costume).  

It would have been much better had our youngest had her license and a car too.   She is so tired, she's missed the bus on several occasions, and doesn't allow herself enough time to pack food for after school.   On a few days we have packed her extra food while she gets ready for the bus.   On other days we'll get a text for food to be brought to her - making yet another trip to the school.  I'll be honest, I cannot wait until this musical is over.  It's been a long three months. We are excited to see the musical, but seriously, this teacher (or more) needs to know parents and siblings have lives of their own too. my soapbox...

On another note, I am pretty sure my husband went to work with my blingy colored rhinestone reading glasses on his head.  My best readers.  My favorite readers.

They were at my computer last night and "poof" gone this morning.  They are no where in sight.  I'm waiting to hear if he showed up at work with them.  He already broke my pink pair I had for years and years.  Sigh...he has his own readers too.  The pink ones remain waiting to be glued per his promise.  I think I will be buying about 2-3 more pairs for back ups now.

There is much to do, so I can't dilly dally here too long this morning.  I may be taking advantage of this cold, dark, snowy day by being busy in the kitchen.  Or making a trip to the "big city" for items I forgot to get on my way home last night.  At the last minute, while out, we found out his sister was back in the hospital (Sister "P").  We stopped at the ER, but I reminded Hubby germs and I don't get along real well.  We exited and sanitized.  She has been suffering from pneumonia.


hoosier girl said...

We have "clean out the fridge" soup every whipstitch, too. Good stuff!

Rain said...

I have heard that same "soapbox" issue from so many parents about the teachers not realizing the time they are taking away from the student's lives. You sound tired today Kristina!

Kristina said...

hoosier girl, I sometimes think these types of soups are better, lol!

Kristina said...

Rain, I am exhausted for sure, so is Hubby and the one daughter that takes turns picking up her sister. Practice went to 10pm last night again, sigh...

Sam I Am...... said...

Good for you utilizing all that good stuff in frig and pantry. When does your daughter have time for homework? That is the other teachers know about this? The principal? That is over the top!
The robins are here and the flowers are blooming so it won't be long for you now!

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, they have breaks during the rehearsals, but I'm not sure how long they are. It is ridiculous. I can't wait for spring.

RB said...

Prayers for your SIL and for your daughter too. I'm rather surprised, if this is a school musical, that the school doesn't have some restrictions on rehearsal times, to leave time for studies and rest.
Doing about the same here. Two torn rotator cuffs and 2 deteriorating disks in my neck are the main problem. Starting rehab Tuesday.
Love to all.
God bless.