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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dose of Vitamin D

Hubby and I took the morning start slower.  First we started to warm up with coffee, and I went through some of my library loot.  It was a very relaxing start to a work day.  The book above has some interesting recipes.  The book mainly contains information on herbs typically cooked/baked with - thyme, basil, etc.  Not the medicinal weeds like comfrey, chickweed, plantain, etc.  Each herb is highlighted with one to three recipes, a tea, oil, salve or cream.  I wrote down a cayenne tea recipe for our youngest.  The next time she has a migraine, I'm going to see if it eases the pain for her.  

Hubby cooked breakfast - eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes.  And while he cooked, I got on the computer and ordered about 50 more Hallmark videos.  Today I'm requesting Thanksgiving movies.  He's cooking breakfast again today.

Then we got to work.  I got the very last of the tomato stakes, plants and twine out of the garden.  Although wet, I got them out and back in storage for winter.  It was pretty cold day, but the sun was out and so beautiful.  I didn't mind being out there one bit.

The hens got a nice clean coop, and extra straw for the cold nights.  The free loaders gave me one egg yesterday.  I do, however, have one egg bound hen.  We've plunked her in a warm tub of water, and she started to push, but stopped.  After a long time, we removed her and dried her off.  Sadly, we lost her during the night.  A barred rock that we've had for several years now.  The unpleasant part of homesteading, but part of it.

While Hubby mowed several acres of grass, I picked the kale and swiss chard.  I promptly brought it inside and took care of it.  You can just barely see the insulated flannel I had on.  Brr.

One daughter helped me load the back of truck with the remaining front porch furniture.  I also toted a few folding tables and chairs from the back porch.  The remaining will be loaded up or covered with a tarp today.  

Guess what we are getting today?

More rain.   Later in the day.

Not like we need it, but I'll have my greens growing a bit longer.   The collards are still producing, but too small to harvest.

There is absolutely no sunshine today.  Dreary, dull skies.  It is about 10 degrees warmer and my kitchen is nice and toasty.  We can at least start work earlier today. 

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