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Monday, October 30, 2017

This and That ~ Homemade Hairspray ~ Calendula Cream

I have been reading my library magazines and books off and on, and recently read a nice article on motorcycle camping.  A future possibility for sure.  I'm reading through many magazines to hopefully find a muse and get an article sent off.

The dog flu has hit Ohio.  We are told we should vaccinate our dogs or keep them home etc.  Seems like this happened last year or the year before too.  Hubby thinks is a conspiracy to push another vaccine.  Hm.

I made homemade hairspray for the first time.  I have several new facial cleanser recipes to try over winter or spring.  One requires rose water, and I refuse to buy it (very expensive), so I will wait for my own rose blooms to make that myself.  It's a long wait, but I hope to cut the cost of such supplies that my girls use constantly.  

Back to the hairspray.  I found the recipe in the book "Homemade Beauty" written by Annie Strole.   The recipe calls for a bit of vodka.  However, Dr. Axe has the same recipe online too if you are interested.  There are other recipes as well, but I started with this one.  I'll be trying it out on the girls and see how well it works.  They use so many products that are full of chemicals and perfumes, it chokes me out as I walk through the house.  I hope I can convert them.  Slowly, but surely.  Especially make up remover.  Oye. That will be a spring trial, unless we find rose water on sale. 

I'm currently in the process of setting up a craft bazaar reservation.  It's been hard to get in touch with the people in charge.  One is already filled.  I waited too late I think.

Hubby and I got a lot done on Sunday as well.  

We reduced our barn pile debris, cut some of it up, and now have a start of this year's fire wood.  Oh, there is much more to cut.  But that's not all we accomplished.

Air conditioners were put away (finally), more of the garden tilled (cucumber and squash plants removed), some porch furniture stored, and . . . 

. . . an emergency batch of calendula cream was made (after I applied a plantain poultice to my boo-boo (s).

What my fingers looked like a 10am.  My hands look red, but it was pretty cold out.  Like about 41°F when we started.

What they looked like at 4pm.  Yeah, I got them pinched under a heavy board.  Hubby feels terrible.  I should have paid more attention, but with care I hope it'll heal up quick. 

After I got the cream made I had Daughter help me mix up some homemade sausage to set overnight.

Now I am out completely out of calendula oil, so I started another jar, although it's not really sunny today, nor this time of year.  I will need to keep it in the warmest room.  

Although cold, we are still getting some calendula blooms in the herb garden.

And after all of that work, Hubby got a call out for work, and went in for the extra hours.  I just love that man.

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