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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Puttin' Up Peppers ~ Tomato Season Ends

Habanero peppers made their way to the freezer.  They will stay there until I have a wee bit more free time to can hot sauce or jam with them.

I sorta, kinda have, too many "irons in the fire" right now.  I have more peppers growing, and hope to get a few more.

My dinky harvest of dinky bell peppers made there way to the freezer too.  Although dinky, they were thick and smelled so good.

More Garlic got planted- 56 cloves of Russian Giant.  Double of what we planted last year.

Tomatoes were checked and picked.  Our 2017 tomato season is official over.  I can start pulling plants.  What's out there is dinky and rotting due to early cold weather.  Sad, sad, sad....we were canning into November last year.

The last of the "salad" tomatoes for 2017.  Mama Pea, I failed at deep cleaning yesterday, but that's okay I guess.  I ran out of time because I wanted to get these in the oven.  Technically, I had 30 minutes, but the job I wanted to tackle would have taken 1 hour.

Back to the tomatoes. I sliced them all up and tossed in some fresh basil.

Along with garden goodies, a load of dandelion greens, and those tomatoes, I made a frittata.

( Porch break with a mug of hot ginger tea.)

I'm still taking my breaks to put my leg up.  I almost forgot the other day. Oops.  I literally felt so good, I wasn't even tired.  Anyway, the smaller spider bite has now graduated to such a small size, that I can use regular size band-aids on it.  The other however, still requires a 3 x 3 gauze and an entire roll of roll gauze. It is healing, but due to the size, taking longer.  Overall, I'm happy with the progress, and happy I feel good.  Oh, and Youngest is not sick anymore either.  Thank goodness.

My allowed 10 minute walk amounts to about a 1/2 mile.  I'm okay with starting back slow.  I am up early to get my yoga stretches done.

Also, because a driver hit something out on the highway (just north of our place) this morning.  I'm not sure if they hit a deer or got a flat, but tires squealed.  I'm up in case they come knock on the door.

Rain is in the forecast, but slightly.  I have lots of indoor work, so it's not like I have the day off, ha ha!


hoosier girl said...

Peppers did great here this year. I froze, roasted, and dehydrated them.
Glad to see you're improving.

Kristina said...

Thanks hoosier girl!

RB said...

The vegetables all look so beautiful...and tasty too. The only vegies we got this year was a tomato plant and a pepper plant out by the chicken coop. LOL
Glad to hear you're doing better with the spider bites. That big one must be awful. Thank God it's getting better.
I've been on the sidelines with pain in both shoulders and upper arms due to deterioration in the upper 3 vertebrae of my spine. It's made sleeping very difficult. Thank God I've been able to keep on working. This too shall pass.
Although we got rain and wind gusts, the worst of the hurricane passed west of us. Prayers for all who got hit with it, for their recovery and well-being.
God bless.

Kristina said...

RB, I have been wondering about you and the hurricanes. Glad you are okay. I hope your shoulder feels better soon too. Mine is healing, but still a tad sore depending on what I'm doing. Yes, the larger bite is healing much better now, so I hope to downsize the bandage soon.