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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Herbal Hair Tonic and Hair Oil Updates

I made an herbal hair tonic to encourage hair growth and repair.  You can read the original post  here.  Why I made it is written below.  The hair tonic is made with all nettle, but I'm considering adding burdock root now.  The tea infusion I am drinking is made differently.

I have researched this through a few books and online, and do feel calcium helps hair and nails, so I made sure I was also drinking nettle and tulsi teas (infused for a stronger tea).

I made my tea infusion using 3/4 cup dry nettle and 1/4 cup dry oat straw.  Both are good combination for calcium, and hair and nail health.  I used a quart canning jar, poured boiling water over the herbs, placed the lid on, and steeped it for 4 or more hours, sometimes making it at night and steeping all night.  Drinking within 36 hours, before it goes rancid.

I drain my infused teas and tonics using a strainer and a coffee filter.  I squeeze the filter to get the last drop of it too.  This serves as my allergy "medication" as well.

I continued to eat my fresh dandelion greens(and stinging nettle) as well as add them to pastas, scrambles, frittatas, and soups.  Although I do rotate our greens.

With all that said.  Here are some photos regarding the hair tonic.   I realized I should take the photos in the same location/lighting.  However, that changes with daylight and weather, so here you are:

Week 6 - hair growing, still thin, still damaged, but growing.

Week 12 - new growth of about 1-1/2 to 2 inches.  Yay!

I am not that great at "selfies" but I figured photos may be needed in case this stuff worked.  You can see have almost zero bangs.  They broke off and I lost a lot of hair.  At week 3 I was towel drying my hair, and spraying the tonic into it and combing it in.  I left it in, and did not use a hair dryer (to prevent more damage).   This hair damage is from whatever chemicals the hospital pumped into me back in November and December of 2016.  After I arrived home, my nails and hair were looking somewhat okay, but I noticed it was damaged while in the hospital too.  

Hair fell out, was dry and brittle, and at the same time, my fingernails stopped growing.  They too were horribly brittle and looking terrible.  My nails were soft and broke with even gentle housework, and my hair fell out about leaving 1/3 of the normal thickness. 

Once I was back to a decent diet (which didn't start up until late January I think), I noticed more hair falling out.  My bangs were looking (as you can see) as if they were breaking off.

At week 4 of using the hair tonic, I also added spring cleavers to my rotation of tea infusions.  Cleavers stimulate the lymphatic system, so I wanted to make sure any more chemicals (if any remained) were flushed out.  If cleavers are recommended to cancer patients I felt I should really be including the weed in my teas (considering the amount of liquid {have no clue of what was it it either, but they put 4 x the normal amount any human should have in their stomach} they put down my NG tube to take many, many x-rays throughout one night in the hospital).

I also took hot baths with tea tree oil and other detoxifying oils, to remove any remaining toxins from my skin.

At week 11, I started using my homemade herbal hair oil.  You can read about that  - here.   I use it about every two days, by taking a small amount and rubbing in my hands then ends of my hair.  I really like it. 

These all work to help the hair, but be patient.  Unless your hair grows quickly, this is a slow process.  It takes time, and longer than store bought chemical cures, but it works and works better in the long run.

Update on the fingernails as well:

I forgot to take a before photo back in January/Feb.   Right when I left the hospital, they were strong and long and beautiful.  All those toxins affected my nails too.  You can see that after 6-8 weeks of my tea drinking and eating greens, my fingernails became healthy again too.

And look at them in June!  Very strong, long, and healthy. I wanted to share before I starting cutting my nails.  I can't even type with them so long, ha ha!  I practically stab myself just washing my hands.  And to think, my entire life until now, I always had terrible, short, peeling, brittle fingernails.  We didn't eat any greens growing up either, so I hope all of this helps other people too.

The temperature went up to 92°F, but felt like 98°F yesterday.  It was humid and stinkin' hot again. We finally got some rain last night, and may get some more today.  And the cool down starts now.  We'll start dipping to the 70's this coming week.


Rain said...

Kristina you've been through so much. I can't imagine how my body would react if it was invaded with chemicals like that. Your home remedies are so inspiring and congratulations on the hair growth! Your nails look very healthy!!! I wish you all the best and hope you continue to heal!!! :)

Kristina said...

Thank you Rain. Hubby is happy to see me so happy now. I was so worried after all those x-rays and chemicals. Blech. Now I'm not to greener pastures. Wahoo!

Beansieleigh said...

I do worry about my hair as I go through my 50s now.. It does not grow so fast; and I worry about it thinning, when it has always been very thin to begin with. So I look forward to trying this! Thank you! ~tina

Kristina said...

Beansieleigh, you are welcome. My hair was so thinned out I was so worried. Now I have new whisps of hair growing around the edges of my scalp. It takes many weeks, but so worth it.