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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 23, 2017

This and That

The homemade Kahlua I gifted at Christmas has been a hit.  You can get the link to it here.

The Good Lord dropped a barn beam during the last storm we had, so it was recently cut up and will be used for firewood.  These will burn hot, and for a longer time.  And it's one less part of the big barn to deal with.  If the Good Lord drops the entire barn, then we can really get to work on it.


Bugs are coming to life, so the ladies had free range roaming yesterday.  The immediately took dirt baths.  I do like to know where the eggs are being left, but I need bug patrol too.  I've seen a few stink bugs come out of hiding, and several spiders. 

I have been waiting for my own car to be repaired so I could job hunt and get a full-time job (outside the home).  However, the bomb was dropped on me the other night.  I have to relinquish my car to my 17 year-old so she can work (to buy her own car).  She has an interview this Friday.  It's not what I had planned.  However, I may find an early morning shift to where I can use my car during the day, and her at night.  I guess we'll see.  Six kids, six cars.  

Just something I didn't think about.  As a teen, I rode my bicycle to work, and bought my own cars.  With cash. Even paid for my own car insurance.  Back then we didn't have cell phones.  Not until I started having kids (and I got a deal through where I worked for $9.99/month and it was like carrying around a block) Here in the boonies, the kids cannot ride a bicycle to work.  

The weather here continues to remain in the 60's.  I plan on taking a walk to the fruit trees to see if they think it's spring too.  Hopefully, they are all okay.  I'm sure the garlic thinks it's spring.  Global warming at it's finest?  We also have predictions of tornado weather (in mid-winter!!) tomorrow - high winds, etc.  Say a prayer. Think good thoughts.  

On a good note, I am back to walking 3-4 miles now.  I still deal with back pain, but I'm using my comfrey salve and doing stretches too.  I am using homemade hand sanitizer, a anti-ill essential oil spray and I keep drinking my teas and eating my greens.  In fact, I'm eating dandelion greens in my breakfast this morning.


Sam I Am...... said...

Maybe that storm will take out some more of the barn...just not the house! How are you going to keep up with all your gardening if you work full time? Stupid question as I did with the help of my children and I canned too but that was when I was young and full of I can barely clean my house! LOL! I remember the car issue too...unless you wanted to spend your life in the car it was a blessing to see the kids learn to drive...well, a blessing and a curse! LOL! I've had some homemade Kahlua gifted to me and it is very'd never know the difference. Good luck with "the logistics".

Susan said...

That is a drawback when you live in the boonies. You have to drive everywhere, as nothing is close. Our little town has zero to offer, so all grocery, hardware, feed, etc. needs to be bought at least a half-hour's drive away. Is there work you can get that you can do at home? I would think your writing skills would serve you well for at-home work.

Kristina said...

Sam I Am, for a while I was able to bring in bread and butter cash, by writing for a local magazine. They went out of business and now Backwoods Home magazine (the next I would have submitted to) sadly will cease their print version this year.

Kristina said...

Susan, I am looking to other sources to submit a few articles. The one magazine I wrote for went out of business recently, and now Backwoods home magazine is stopping their print magazine this fall. I am looking into setting up my dishcloths on consignment (in a small store), but have yet to get them up their for them to approve.

Rain said...

Thanks for sharing the Kahlua recipe! That's something I want to add to my list, making some liqueurs and bitters too. I used to make wine too a long time ago. It takes a lot of space and it's hard to find that here in our rental. Tinctures too, that's another plan for homemade things. Congratulations on your walking! I have a mini-trampoline at home that I use to walk/jog on those days where the weather doesn't permit a long walk. It's so important to stay fit! :)

Kristina said...

Rain, I went from November to Feb. before getting back to my regular work out (without pain). I lost so much time from that stint in the hospital. However, due to now walking I gained back the lost weight, and am back to getting in shape. It feels great too.