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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beam me up Scotty!

I lied.  We have red tomatoes already.  I was hoping for a small break in between what is harvested, but God has another plan, ha ha!  

I've been so tired, and worn out, and have not even had "tea time" on the porch lately.  Today, I'm making time.  I need the energy restored.

I was walking from the coffee pot to the computer with a cup of coffee, and said to myself, "beam me up Scotty."  My 19 year-old was shocked, her eyes went wide, and she asked, "what did you just say?"  Ha ha!  She was surprised I knew a Star Trek catchphrase.  

If you are wondering, I made two batches of homemade flour tortillas.  I made these with 8 tortillas per batch, so it was a bit time consuming, but delicious. 

They are pretty simple to make, but using canola vs. lard takes more time frying them.  When I use lard I can use the griddle.  I have three vegetarians in the house, and to make it easier just used my canola oil recipe.  One of these days, I'll have enough time to get some into the freezer for winter meals.

We had "chicken tacos" but with the flour tortillas.  I roasted a home raised chicken for them.  You layer cooked chicken, a cooked mixture of corn, black beans and cumin, salsa, and a mix of cabbage, carrots and cilantro.  Our vegetarians just skipped the chicken.

I didn't take many photos yesterday, I was that tired.  I am sitting here procrastinating everything today.  Literally.  I need to exercise, then weed.  Oh the weeds....

The walking is very important to my health, as I have varicose veins from popping out so many kids.  I had them stripped from one leg, but not the other, and it's been bothering me, even with weight loss.  I have discovered that gently rubbing my calendula healing lotion on them, has helped with reducing inflammation.  I'm also researching tinctures, teas, and other foods to help them.  I really don't want to go under surgery, so until I lose all the weight I need to, I'll be pampering one leg and experimenting.  I'll be eating a lot more blueberries too.


Dawn McHugh said...

my daughter has varicose veins after having eight children, touch wood I havent got any but hubby suffers with one leg, he is not overweight but spends a lot of time on his feet, will be interested to see how you get on

Susan said...

With everything that needs doing, it's so hard to take time for yourself! That being said, it is also very important that you do - you are the GLUE! You're going to have to put those weeds out of your mind... :)

Michelle said...

How do you get yours to freeze so well? Mine taste awesome, but don't freeze well. Any tips.

Mama Pea said...

Yes, you need to make time to rest a bit. We can only push ourselves so far at this time of year before "something" makes us stop. I took time off this morning by running a few town errands, going to resupply our fresh, raw milk at the farm, and spending about an hour browsing through a really neat gift shop with some $$$ someone generous and sweet gifted me. 'Course, when I got home I felt like I had gotten "nothing" done yet for the day . . . but it was more restful than being out in the garden. :o) Now I have to blanch and freeze the quantity of shell peas I picked and shelled. After I do dinner dishes.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

'beam me up Scotty." that reminds me of my mom! She used to say that!
It is funny that your daughter thought it funny you would know it!
A lot of kids don't realize the 'new' shows now days are remakes (mostly crummy) of old shows!

Anyway, energy. I'm feeling sluggish today with headaches off and on. I hope I'm not coming down with something. I literally don't have time to be sick!
Walking makes me feel better, but I love doing my walking routine in the pool! That's my favorite thing in the summer. Not for the varicose veins but the T2-diabetes. Blech!
I hope the changes in your diet and the pampering helps!

Kristina said...

Dawn, I will let you know how things go. I know my weight can go down, but I'm not overly over weight either. Just tall, and pushing out 10 pound babies must of done it. I really don't want to go under the knife, so while I'm getting in shape and toned, I am eating more of certain foods, and I am thinking of making a tincture to try too.

Kristina said...

Susan, I think today will be the day to take the "weeds" out of my mind. We weeded out the butternut squash yesterday and we were dripping with sweat when we got back inside. Rain is coming, so I am thrilled for two reasons - garden needs it, and I need a break.

Kristina said...

Michelle, I do not have one of those vacuum seal machines, so I double bag, and reuse the bags. However, with my large family, nothing stays in the freezer very long.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, I have to pick today, so I plan on making dinner out of what I pick and then I'm done. Weeds will wait until after today's rain. I should be fall planting, but have to pull some plants to do that too. I may see if I can find rutabaga seeds to fall plant too. Our sweet corn was planted too late, so it's only a foot tall, and we don't have enough hot banana peppers to can either. I hope to do some farm market visits today, and bring some more "work" home, ha ha!

hoosier girl said...

"I'm giving it all she's got, Captain," (the Star Trek line that gets me through the busy summers) Take a break!

Kristina said...

hoosier girl, I get the day off today. Rain, rain and more rain. Well, sort of "off."