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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Addition to the Homestead

Monday I went to town and brought back this guy.  

We adopted him from the dog shelter.  Hubby named him "Tank."  Although a common name for a rottweiler, we all fell in love with this guy.  The day I stopped, I initially went to look at a female mix.  I had some doubts, and looked at "Truman" who walked into the visiting room and put his head in my lap.  He had been picked up by the dog warden the day before.
He's badly malnourished, needs a bath (which he got first thing and did not like), and nails trimmed (which got done next). 

We did the "cat test" to see if was a cat chaser.  He passed.

We did the "chicken test" to see if he was a chicken chaser.  He passed.

We did the food test.   He passed.  

So far so good, but he does need some good training.  He did the splits on the smooth kitchen floor, getting a few homemade treats for sitting on command.    He went bananas for them.   

He's getting a vet visit this week, and hopefully he will weigh enough to go through surgery to be neutered.  

He's very well tempered, and hardly barks at all.  So far, Jesse is the one a bit off put, but tolerating his new companion.

Tank has one new dog toy, and loves it.  It's a rope toy.  I didn't buy more, just in case he didn't like toys.  We know now.  Better to have one than none, as Jesse has his own favorites.

Tank has now experienced the love of the family, homemade dog food, homemade treats and the water bowl.  He for some reason, the same as Alias, drinks and drinks and drinks (and way too fast), as if he was denied for a long time.  He was definitely denied food and goes nuts when food is around, as any starving dog would.  

He's already learning to shake in one day, so we are confident he'll learn the ways of the homestead, learn commands, and get free roam of the house (soon).

He'll soon learn, he won't be denied food, and learn to slow down.   I hope the older kids will stop in and do a bit of their dog training too.  That is one bonus of allowing all the kids to have animal of their own - they trained their dogs very well.

I am already covered in dog slobber, as this dog continues to thank me throughout the day.    


Kim said...

Awwwww, I am so glad that Tank has a forever home and I am sure he is happy about it as well. I look forward to reading many stories about him in the future.

Susan said...

He is just wonderful! What a face! And what a terrific home to become part of. Bless your heart.

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh, that face! How old is he?

Kristina said...

Kim, he's adjusting well, but Jesse is having doubts, ha ha!

Kristina said...

Thanks Susan.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, they think he's 3-4 years old. I'll get a better idea from the vet maybe. Whoever had him before starved him. He needs to fatten up for sure.

RB said...

He also knows how to pick a real good Mama for himself. LOL
You can help him learn to slow down on the water and food by only giving him a cup of each at a time...then a cup more later until he realizes he doesn't have to fill up for all time because there'll always be more for him later.
Was offline for a week over internet problems and repeated mistakes at the ISP in sending the new ones. What a trial, but it's over, thank God!!!
God bless.
P.S. - Tank it is, but he looks just like a Truman to me. ;o)

EMMA said...

He's so hansome, what a face! Sounds like he has a fantastic character too!
Look forward too seeing lots more pictures of Tank!

Kristina said...

Emma and RB, unfortunately, Tank showed aggression at the vet visit and almost bit the vet's assistant. We returned him, due to the risk of someone getting hurt here (at the vet's advice as well). It was a shock to all of us.