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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Garden Plan ~ Tidbits ~ Prayer Request

This is bounty we got from the popcorn patch.   Two ears.  Last year we got 4 quarts off the cob, so you can see how bad a year it was this year.

I had hoped to find a good amount of carrots, but they are all about 1-2 inches long.  The one you see on top is the largest one I pulled, which was 3 inches or so.  I pulled the last of the beets, also small and a few last onions, cleaning out that part of the garden.  Many of the onions were rotten.

However, I think I have enough onions left, to make a crock pot of beef burgundy today.  Maybe toss that over mashed home grown potatoes or homemade noodles?  Or both.

The plan to keep the garden weed free next year?  One thing we will try, if we can buy or rent a chipper, is top it with wood chips.  We still have two trees with lots of brush on them.

The only area left to clean out is my cauliflower/cabbage area.  Then it's done for the season.

If you are wondering if yesterday's list was completed in one day, here is the tally: 

  1. laundry on the line
3. exercise
3. fold Hubby's laundry
4. water flowers
5. deadhead flowers 
6. dig up the last of the vegetable garden
7. sweep
8. clean master bath
9. empty trash cans
10. feed/water the rabbit 
11. put up the last of the garlic
12. mix up hot chocolate
13. walk dog
14. dinner prep
15. pay bills
16. clean the coop
17. weed rose bed
18.  haul barn wood to the burn pile 
Today's Deep Cleaning - wash our two trash cans, wipe down one window blind 
I got about 1/4 of the window blind cleaned, but had to stop and prepare dinner.  I guess I better get the last bill paid before I start putting ingredients in the crock pot.
I actually picked up my knitting needles last night, and worked on a dishcloth.  My stash is at it's lowest right now, and I need to get Christmas items finished as well.  I'm glad the garden is coming to an end, because then wood splitting can resume and start prepping the chicken coop with heat lamps for winter.
We took last night off from the big barn project.  Hubby was stressed to the gills from lots of things going on, and I needed another day to recuperate from hay rash.  Which by the way, is doing much better thanks to the calamine lotion.  I'm now trying to moisturize everything it dried up.  I'll be sure to cover up my ears too next time.  Once we get the west side of the barn off, we can back the truck up, and start tossing out the old straw that is in the loft.  I'll be sure to stand away from that as it's done. 
Prayer request:
Almost one week from now the mud bog is putting in an application to obtain a permit to use the wooded land directly adjacent to our property, for their business.  Somehow, he has coerced his mother (land owner) to put in for the application. 
 On October 7th, we will be in a meeting for that permit application, presenting our facts as to why they should not be granted that permit.  This is our home, and they are running loud vehicles directly behind us, only feet from our goat fencing, where I'll have once again goats in the spring. Even though they are applying now, they have been operating in those woods for 2 years illegally, knowing full well they were told they had to have a permit to operate on that particular land (zoned).   Not to mention they are ruining the river bed and that could cause flooding for us and for others along the river.  And they most likely have already destroyed the river branch flow that runs through our property, through the woods, and then into the river.  In order to use the land behind us, they have to cross the river, and the river branch from our property.  Our front yard flooded three times this year, which has only happened once, and that was the year this business started up.

Please say a prayer for us, as we plea to protect our health and welfare.  The noise alone has caused us sleeplessness, which leads to chronic fatigue.  I won't go into all the details (due to those involved), but please pray that the zoning board keeps our home protected.  Right now these vehicles are running circles around our property, as they run through fields north and south of us to get into the woods.  We want our peace and quiet back.

We've taken everyone's advice, and we just pray for a good outcome from October 7th's meeting.  Our entire family (and animals) thank you all for your prayers.


Mama Pea said...

So glad the calamine lotion is giving you some relief! Itching like that can drive you bonkers.

I have bills to pay this morning and then out to more cleaning in the garden. You're way ahead of me in getting your garden put to bed. Kudos to you, dear lady, for going through the time and trouble to get what little harvest you can from your poor (through no fault of your own) garden this year.

There's no way in the world that guy should be given a permit to do what he's doing to the environment. No way.

Kim said...

I certainly will be praying for your family's rights to be upheld. Think about saving that hay in the loft for animal bedding or such. And be careful if any of those wood chips are the least bit green. My dad chips them in the fall and piles them behind the barn then turned them till the heat leaves them. Then they are safe to use around plants. otherwise they will burn everything in site and draw all the nitrogen out of the soil.

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, thank you so much for the tip on rash relief. Let's hope and pray the zoning voting board, votes no on it.

Kristina said...

Kim, thank you so much for those tips on the wood chips. And thank you for prayers.

Kristina said...

Kim, thank you so much for those tips on the wood chips. And thank you for prayers.

Susan said...

As someone who has to deal with two gravel pits on their small road (one right next door) you have both my sympathy and my prayers and my good thoughts and whatever positive energy I can throw your way. Let's hope the board does the right thing. Let us know how it goes.

Lisa said...

Praying for a compassionate spirit to rule in the hearts of those on the hearing board. Keep up posted.


Kristina said...

Thank you Susan, I'll be sure to let you all know the results.

Kristina said...

Thank you Lisa, we hope to have a good update.

mommar6 said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this with your neighbors. We have a creek that runs along our bottom field. Since we don't live there people run their four wheelers and other recreational vehicles through the creek regularly. They've even built ramps with sand. This blatant trespassing bothers us, but I never considered that is what causes the changes in the flow of the creek. Most springs the creek gets angry and takes more of the land that protects the field. The Beavers get us too.
Knowing how loud they are makes me feel for you. I bet your goats freak out when they are there.

Kristina said...

mommar6, it's been a miserable, noisy two years, and our buck lost weight, because he would not come out of his shed to eat. Our farm vet even noticed it. He's been re-homed until we can gain peace here, then we plan to get new spring goat babies.

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Done. I would also bring in any people from environmental organizations to support your view of the damage to the land, it all helps!

Kristina said...

Thanks Nancy, we plan to knock on some doors this weekend too.