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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Random Tidbits

Sunday, just as we sat down at the front porch for our dinner, the deer came out for their dinner.  This time she brought two youngin's with her.

In case you have been wondering where I've been the last few days.....Mom, myself, and my 18 year-old daughter, took a two night road trip.   I typically pick up a gallon of apple cider vinegar, along with other organic grains.  However this trip, I came back without one item.  I found out that Bragg's is not producing the gallon size jugs of apple cider vinegar (organic/non-gmo) this year, due to a shortage.  That was a moment I never expected.  I use a lot of it for canning season, and had hoped to can more relish.  I do use it for other things, as well as a natural de-wormer for my chickens.  The regular size bottles are still available though.

Oh my....on the trip we got to see more goats, and I have to say we (daughter and I) really miss ours. 

I am certain that we'll have dairy goats again in the future.  After ours found new homes, I realize now that I fit in this lifestyle more so than I ever thought I did.  It really is for me, and I really enjoy it (despite the work involved).

I fell in love this this precious one during the road trip too.  If I only had a trailer....sigh.



Mama Pea said...

Glad you got to get away for a short time. You are well-deserving of a break. Isn't it nice to realize our lifestyles are the ones we want to be living? We never have to worry about the hours dragging or how to fill our time! How much better to have a life we love (even though we can never accomplish all we want) than to only yearn for a different kind of life. We are lucky duckies!

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, you are so right - "lucky duckies" My one daughter is willing to help me pick out smaller dairy goats when I am ready again. First, I have to find produce to stock up this winter. I was thrilled to find green beans on the trip too.

Susan said...

I would recommend Nigerian Dwarf goats - they are small and great milkers, known for a high cream content. Plus they are cute as all get-out. I am so glad you got away for a while. As much as we all love this lifestyle, it's good to get off the farm every now and then. Did they say why there was a shortage? A shortage of organic apples? It just seems odd...

Kristina said...

Thanks Susan, I'll have to remember that. The shortage is due to the lack of apples available. Kind of scary, and they are limiting the sale of the smaller bottles now.

Nancy LittleHomesteadinBoise said...

Are those Shire draft horses? I love those. Apple cider vinegar shortage? Who knew! I may make some since we'll have a bumper crop of apples....

Kristina said...

Nancy, they are draft horses. That's great you have apples. If i had some, I'd be making it too.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I hadn't heard of an ACV shortage... of gallon sized.
hmmm... if I had apples I'd make mine as well.
I'm not much into goats or calves...but I have my chickens and my small garden and I definitely have the imagination for my lifestyle.
I'd say... I like living this way. Which is good, since I don't see me changing lifestyles, location, etc anytime soon.

Kristina said...

Patricia, I buy the gallon for canning and cooking (I use it for a cooked dressing for macaroni salad etc). It lasts a all winter long for me. I also use ACV for canning my beets. I have zero to can this year, unless I find some at the market.