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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Newspapers ~ Pretzels ~ Seeking Balance

(this morning's sunrise)

We got buckets and buckets of rain yesterday.  Just when a shower would end, another one started.  It was the perfect day to ignore housework, sit on the porch and write.  Just don't tell Hubby. 

The rain is driving spiders into the house lately too.  Too many of them if you ask me.  I read that if you blend tomato leaves and mix it with water it repels spiders.  Same with peppermint and other herbs.  I will probably mix up a spray of peppermint oil (one drop) and water, to spray windowsills and other areas tomorrow (or whenever the rain stops). 

~Newspapers ~

 "Mom why do you have a shoe box?" asked my 17 year-old daughter.

I opened it up to show her.  As a writer, it's my best friend. 

While my pretzels baked in the oven, I flipped through the newspapers to snip articles. Interesting ones.  Bizarre ones.  Questionable ones.  Anything that got my attention - writer prompts.

Then, I went to the porch with a stack of magazines.  What do I do with those?  Any photo that tells me a story goes into this journal.  Photos are wonderful for writing prompts.  Of course I am reading them too.  What's left is recycled at the recycling center.

As for those pretzels baking, I was not happy with the flavor of the first batch, so I am experimenting.  More on that later if it's worth sharing.

Today's word count?  A mere 250.  But that's better than zero.

Feeling a bit guilty for writing (oh why, oh why do I do that to myself), I vacuumed a carpet to make myself feel better.  I'm doing a huge cleaning of my bedroom this month anyway.  I figured if I gave myself one month, I could get it cleaned up before winter (deep cleaning).  That means the closet too.

(the name of this candle scent is "seeking balance")

The funny thing was that once I vacuumed, I got into a cleaning frenzy.  I was still cleaning when Hubby got home from work.  I told him I lost a ring to my "boot bling" project and made me realize I needed to clean stuff up.   Keep in mind I don't have a craft room.  Most of my stuff is in totes in the garage.  Hence moving it to shelves in my utility room, where I can use a table and get supplies labeled and organized.

While in my bedroom closet, picking up stuff off the floor, I ran into yet another Christmas Ornament project.  Head hanging low here.....I started it.  I'll just work on it in between my project for Mom, and the other projects.  I will feel better when it's all done.  I think I have "project-itis."  That will require another list.  Does that qualify me for "list-itis?"

I am struggling to get balance in this home, in my life, and in the family.  I'm struggling, but pushing on.  I'm not giving up to getting things in order.  The kids really need to get on board and do their chores completely, and not halfway too.

Speaking of order, I must get off here and get laundry on the line.  Rain is due about 3:00pm today, so I must get chores started.  I think I will go wake up the Hubs,
while I do the laundry, and order me an omelet .  That's a fair trade, right?


Mama Pea said...

When one is a full-time homemaker, wife and mother it's EXTREMELY hard to find that balance. I once went 7 years without doing any handwork or anything creative that fed my soul because of the rustic circumstances we were living in and the many animals we were raising. I found out that was a detrimental mistake which took its toll in more than one aspect of my life. So you keep working at achieving your own balance, m'dear. You need it and deserve it and so does your family! :o)

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, thank you for that pep talk! I needed that.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I find all your creative ventures worth while. I agree with Mama Pea it can be detrimental to go without them.
I find projects I've started that are half finished lots of times. I have lots...I call it my W.I.P (most say Work in Progress. I call it my WAITING IN A PILE) :)
I giggled outloud at 2 things you said today-- Rain is due about 3 PM today and You have a closet in your bedroom. A sign of the times. We can almost pin point the exact time rain is expected. Closets in every room. (in a modern house) We only have 3 closets in this house, not counting the water heater closet-- so 4. We built 2 of them after moving here.
have a wonderful day of rest.

RB said...

Like you, I don't have an office or craft room either, just a corner in the living room. Wish I did so I could get my various projects organized so I could actually work on them without having them around this little house for us to trip over.
I had been watching for an old used camper to use as a craft/office space that someone was giving away for free on Craigslist that I could clean up and doll up like a gypsy wagon, but even if I found one that was worth getting, we'd have no way to get it here with my little car. Maybe some day something will work out.
God bless.