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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Tatting ~ Trip to Town

Now that the weather is changing my routine and chores are changing.  I really have no business even looking at my crafting projects.  But.  I happened to come across this book in my stash, while cleaning of course.

So what did I make?  Well, the book uses gold in most of the patterns, so I just picked my own colors.  This is the book that got me to inquire about the bullion hook.

I emailed a few stores and asked what hook I needed for "crochet-tatting" and one person mentioned the "bullion hook."

The book only mentions a "hook" but not a size, so I bought both a crochet-tatting hook and a bullion hook.  

I was successful in using the bullion hook for this bookmark.  I used it to crochet with too.  The pattern is crochet, tatting, more crochet, then a crocheted crab stitch edge.  All of the bookmarks are different.  Instead of the suggested bead choice, I used seed beads.

This was a practice piece.  I need to work on making sure when I close the rings, that they stay more round vs. oval for this pattern, but overall, it turned out better than I thought.

These stitch up pretty quick if you know how to crochet and know how to do needle tatting.  It might look like I spent all day on it, but I didn't.  

Now that I had my "fix" I can put the box away until the garden is put to bed for next spring.

I spent most of yesterday running around in the big city, trying to find two girls a good pair of gym shoes.  We found them.  I can't buy them shoes at Wal-mart.  They fall apart in a few months (or less).  I have to hunt down good brands, and they last a good school year.

I stopped in the health store to see if they sell almond flour, my allergy remedy, and other items I typically have to order online.  I found almond flour, and I found a different allergy remedy, that costs less than the one I do buy.  

Next, we had to return a pair of jeans that one daughter didn't like (even though she had tried them on when we initially shopped for!).

By the time we got back home, I was too tired from shopping to trudge out to the garden.  I decided to don my jammies and robe, turn on AMC and sit and crochet for a while.  

That's it.   Nothing exciting. Today, we need to get moving on the yard work before Hubby leaves again today.  The mower belt broke yesterday putting us back a day, but rain is on the way again.  I know he's tired from 2nd shift last night.  And it got cold last night - mid 30's.  We are not turning on the electric heat, so this pushes us to cut more wood.  Nothing like weather to motivate you.  Which reminds me....I need more wood pellets and heat lamp bulbs.  My chickens will need heat soon. 

I always feel like my lists fill up as I cross things off, but I am glad we have a lifestyle that is not sedentary.  I have to look it in a positive way.  I just need to work on time to write, and time for myself, and time for my marriage.  We really lacked our date nights this year, and trips to the island. 

Five Minutes for Me ~ writing in my journal on the front porch, and gettin' in my jams early.


Liz said...

That is just beautiful!!! Oh I sure dont miss shopping with the kids! The most dreadful chore!! Rain expected most of next week for us.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

You make me tired...and I'm just reading all you've done!
Shopping with the kids...blech! I used to dread shoe shopping...The boys were always hard on shoes, and the youngest daughter was always indecisive. She had to try on every pair in her size.
The bookmark is lovely...I do crochet, but haven't made anything with size 10 thread in a while. Is that size 10? and I never got past beginning stages of tatting.
hope you get all the rest done... it does give piece of mind to check things off the list.

Sandra Morris said...

the tatting looks great!! Dounds interesting.

Kristina said...

Liz and Patricia, I do dread shoe shopping. One picks a pair quickly, and the other can't decide. I did use #10 to make the bookmark.

Sandra, I am really enjoying the tatting combined with crochet.

RB said...

Off to run a couple errands - get more Nexium, go to Dollar Tree to exchange something and then to Big Lots to look for a better organizer for my spices than the ones I've already tried.
That's a day in the big(ger) little city for me.
God bless.