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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cro-Tat ~ Set Back ~ Leaf Picking

I really attempted to do a good house cleaning yesterday, but you know how you can get side tracked?  Well, I did.  I happened to end up in my room, where I had just picked up the box my tatting tools are in, and decided to give this tool a try.  It's a bullion hook.  It's used often for what is called cro-tat or crochet tatting. 

It's similar to needle tatting, but it has a recessed hook on it.  It took me a few times to get the hang of it.   There are also hooks that are called "cro-tat" hooks.  I have one, and tried this method of pulling through, and it was almost impossible to get it all the way through it (the hooks on cro-tat hooks are more like the crochet hook).  The bullion hook is not, but harder to "crochet" with.

I'm not sure how my first one will turn out yet.  I'm swapping out the bullion hook for a small crochet hook when I need to crochet, so I'm not sure if the tension (or size) in each will be okay.  

The center is tatting, then a round of crochet, then more crochet, then tatting....well you get the picture.  I have no business picking this up and trying it out, so today (even though I really want to see how it turns out) will need to get back to work.

I was up very early yesterday, so I was trudging around the kitchen with two dogs under my feet, trying to get a pot of coffee started when I saw it.  Water.  Water seeping up from the kitchen flooring.  Again.  

I squinted my eyes, opened the cupboard doors under the sink and sighed.  Another leak.  This one is on the cold water line that goes under the house.  I called the Hubs and warned him he would have another "top priority" over the top of the list (again).  This is another set back for us.  I'm trying very hard to not stress or worry over getting the winter prep list  (or anything else for that matter) completed.  And you know, he frowns on me splitting wood by myself. 

We are actually set back another day, as he was asked to work over time last night, so hence the leak was not fixed.  I'm thinking he needs to teach me how to repair stuff more often, so I can get it done.  

But, since I could not can potatoes, nor do anything at the sink (darn, ha ha!), I decided to pick leaves.   Seriously, I did. It was cold, windy, and a bit rainy yet, but I pulled on my mucking boots and went outside. This is only day one of picking and pressing leaves.  Next week, I'll take another "Five Minutes" to myself, and pick and press some more.  

I'll admit, I felt like a kid again.  My 17 year-old was laughing at me as she was getting in her car to go to school , saying something to me about the last time she picked leaves was in preschool.  I do have a project for these leaves.  

I got letters off to our military kids, and even got two boxes shipped to Son.  I had to laugh.  The boxes have Spider-man on them and he's a marvel fan, especially Spider-man.   I tucked in a comic to both the kids, trying to lift their spirits and send them some love.  Daughter has already gotten two boxes of "Happy" so the next one will go to Son.  If you are wondering what "Happy" boxes are, they are boxes I fill with enough homemade treats to eat in one day.  They can't stock up, but can enjoy one day's treats from home.  In Daughter's last box, I also tucked in a box of red/white and blue band-aids that were "Veteran - Hero" band-aids.  

This morning  woke up and found these in my kitchen!!!  Ugh!  Seriously?  Hubby bought them. Scary is right. They are more like "Cancer Cupcakes."  You should see the ingredients.  He's getting a email today scolding him on the dangers of processed foods.  I know he just had a "hankering" but these?  Yuck.  Tsk, tsk, tiskity tsk. 

There was no visible sunrise this morning.  Fog.  Today I'm getting dirty in the garden.  Heavy rain is on the way Friday, so I must get crackin'.  I can't can potatoes yet today, but I can at least get some outdoor work done.  So now Hubby's top priorities are the stove top burner and the sink leak.  It's getting colder here, so wood is a huge issue.  Then again, the chimney sweep can't get here until late October.


Sam I Am...... said...

Isn't that the way of it...5 steps forward and 10 back! I do love your cro-tatting? The thread is so pretty how it's turning out.
I always collect leaves, stones, and feathers. My kids aren't in the service but they are busy working parents of youngsters so I send them "happy boxes" too with treats from their youth (homemade cookies) and maybe a book or magazine and usually something handmade like dish cloths. Now, I need to crochet Halloween/Fall ornaments for their trees that I showed them how to make from branches stuck in a vase.
I'd love to learn how to do that cro-tatting but I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head! LOL!
Did you see the book I recommended to you on my last post? Hattie Big'll love it! We have storms coming and hopefully not severe but enough to bring in the cool was 87 yesterday! AHHHH! Take care and I hope you get all your "fixes" done!

Susan said...

Why do these things always happen just when you really need to get cracking on winter prep? Does the Universe have a warped sense of humor? I hope the fixes are quick and lasting. I always feel like a combination of the ant and the grasshopper this time of year - half flurry of activity/half denial. Good gad! Scary is right!! Bet those things have a shelf life that lasts a light year. I so admire your skill at needlework - tatting is just waaaay beyond my comprehension.

Sandra Morris said...

Sorry to hear about the leak! Those kind of things are so frustrating.
I live your project-tatting, I have never seen it done! Looks lovely.