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Friday, September 5, 2014

Corn Cob Syrup ~ More Tomatoes

I did not go looking for this recipe.  I found it in a library book - Pearls of Wisdom, Tops, Shortcuts, and Recipes from a Country Home, by Deborah S. Tukua, who adapted their recipe from Countryside Magazine.  The actual color is more of a amber brown than the color it shows in the photo.

Later I found several on the internet as well.  Some recipes call for brown sugar, and some for white.

I cut each of my corn cobs in four pieces, using 24 corn cobs.  They seem to kind of float until they boil.

After boiling two hours, I strained the liquid two times, the second time with cheesecloth.

I used half honey, and half brown sugar (what I had on hand, recipe called for either).  I think I will use all brown sugar next year.

They say not to refrigerate after opening, or it will turn to a butter-like consistency. 

I water-bath sealed my jars for 10 minutes.  Just to be safe.    I might be able to use it in place of expensive, pure maple syrup in recipes too. 

Two of the girls already tried the syrup on waffles last night.  I did too.  We all agree there was a strong honey flavor vs. the brown sugar, so it's definitely all brown sugar next time.  Otherwise, it's pretty good!  Looks like we are tilling up more land next year for a lot of non-gmo/organic sweet corn.

Yesterday, when I went to the front porch to read the day's devotional, I flipped through my book and found this.  My Aunt sent it to me years ago.  It says, "Each morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.  I can choose which it shall be.  Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.  I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it."

The day did not end with canning syrup.  I picked about a dozen hot banana peppers, so those were sliced and frozen.

The same with some jalapenos.

And we got more green beans.  This has been a very good green bean year too.

I brought in over 75-85 pounds of tomatoes last night.  I guess I will be busy this weekend again.  With such a good tomato year, I could use a 6 burner stove right now.  I'd love to cook up 50 lbs. at once for pizza sauce and then another 10 for ketchup, and if I have another 6 lbs, more taco sauce.  I could always make tomato juice, or I could can tomato soup.

Rain is in the forecast, so I hope they are right.  It will give me an excuse to hunker down and get more indoor work done too.


Kate Mossy said...

I have never heard of such a thing! How interesting. I love the use of every little bit of something.

Mama Pea said...

You're hoping for rain to stay indoors to do the inside work and I'm hoping for sun so I can get out in the garden to work!

I've heard of Corn Cob Jelly but not syrup. Don't you just love the fact that the old-times found a use for just about everything they could grow or raise. I like the expression that when they butchered a hog they used everything but the squeal of the pig!

Good luck with your tomatoes. What a delight to have enough to make all that luscious food from them!

Susan said...

You come up with the most fantastic recipes! I have made corn cob jelly, but never this. Now I will have to try it, darn you. I am also under a deluge of tomatoes - what a wonderful predicament!

M.E. Masterson said...

Corn cob syrup sounds really good. Never heard of it before...will have to look into that

Sam I Am...... said...

I have never heard of that and being raised in IL corn country you'd think I would have. What a great idea especially if you have the non-gmo corn! Since we don't have maple trees for syrup this is a great idea. I know my Mother did say they used to make sorghum which I love on biscuits but that requires lots of work and heating outside I think. Good for you!

My Garden Diaries said...

I really wish we had more land to grow our own corn....can't stand GMO's. Good for you for taking action! Wishing you a wonderful weekend friend! Nicole xoxo