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Wear it out,
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Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, August 22, 2014

They're Back. . . .

"They were all gone, and now they're back," said my 17 year-old daughter looking around the kitchen.

"Uh, yeah," I sighed. 

"How many trips did it take to bring them all in?" she laughed.

"Uh, I dunno," I sighed again "I stopped counting after the fifth trip in."

The tomatoes are back and over flowing.  That's okay too.  I need to can seasoned tomato sauce, and I use the recipe in the Ball Blue Book.  It requires 45 pounds to can 7 quarts.  Not sure if I have 45 yet, but I know I do have over 23 pounds - all paste tomatoes.   I typically make the sauce by cutting the recipe in half (simply due to space on the stove and how many pots I have).

Yesterday, the humidity felt like it was 100%.  It was not just a "three-pair-underwear" day, it was change-all-your-clothes-twice kind of day.   Unfortunately, the humidity levels were predicted at up to 99% very early this morning, and will be lingering around again today.  Yet the rain has not arrived to cool it down.  

Humidity worsens my allergies, and even though we have air running on low, my eyes are literally watering as if I just cut up onions.

It's just before 7:00am, and the sun is rising over the corn field.  I'm up later than I wanted.  I've already measured out 24-25 pounds of paste tomatoes.  I'm pretty sure by calculating the remainder amount of tomatoes that I brought in, I have over 50 lbs.  As soon as my herbal allergy remedy kicks in, I'll be ready to tackle today's indoor work.  The outdoor will have to wait until the humidity clears out.  I'm not even bothering with laundry today.  I had towels on the line yesterday, and it took the entire day to dry - too humid.

Yesterday was a good mail day.  We got letter from Son.  It was very short, but I was still excited to finally hear from him.



Willow said...

Humidity is one thing that totally zaps me to the core ,messes with my auto immune problems too. Thank goodness we have been having cooler less humid weather lately. I feel for you , try to stay cool. NIce harvest of tomatoes !

Susan said...

I always thought it was unfair of Mother Nature to have tomatoes ripen right at the peak of summer weather. Why not wait until mid September? Why not, I ask!?! I am no fan of humidity, but we've had tons - it's not that hot, but it has been drizzling for days now. Makes you feel like you'll be covered in mould if you stand still to long. Those are nice-looking paste tomatoes, though...

Kristina said...

For some reason I thought today was Thursday, so that is a good thing. Kids are home tomorrow and can help chop tomatoes (again). I brought in well over 60 pounds. I have enough for more taco sauce or ketchup (before the next mother load is brought in).

Michelle said...

My tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes. I can't wait to get them in and my sauces made and canned. With my luck they will probably ripe while I am a way.

Mama Pea said...

Gotta admit I have pretty serious tomato envy! What I couldn't do with that batch! Sigh. Maybe, just maybe when we have our hoop house (don't hold your breath, it's pretty far down on the wish list) I'll be able to actually grow some tomatoes that ripen . . . and I'll have enough of them to can.

I think Susan in upstate NY and we here in northern MN are having the exact same weather. Not so hot but terrible humidity which makes you feel cold and hot and miserable all at once. Both hubby and I have realized that these damp, gray days are making us into a couple of cranky pants. WE NEED SUNSHINE!

Sandra said...

Now that is a of tomatoes, but I know you'll make good use and stock up that pantry :)