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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Salsa Tasting

Okay, I lied about letting the zucchini salsa sit.  We popped open a jar already.  Now, I did pretty much follow the recipe, but I diced up 2 jalapenos and 2 hot banana peppers and added them (to the marinade early on). 

If you like medium to hot salsa, definitely add some hot peppers.  We loved this salsa.  It's very thick, so I think I can safely leave the corn starch out next batch (if I get enough zucchini to make it again).  I drained the veggies very well and I also drained my roma tomatoes after I chopped them up, before boiling everything.

My youngest said to me, while standing in my bedroom door, "Mom! What did you do?"  

She was tasting the salsa for the first time and loved it!  It's a winner recipe.  I do can zucchini relish too,  but I just haven't gotten around to it.  We really like that too.

In anticipation of another loud, miserable weekend, I enjoyed breakfast on the porch Friday morning.  I thanked God, prayed, enjoyed my food, and took time to soak up the peace.   We keep praying that the right person(s) puts a stop to the mud bog.  I know if it was in the backyard of any paid county official, it would not be continuing at this length.  There is a tractor pull going on this weekend, so I hope all of them will be there instead of in my backyard.

About 11:20am today, the mud bog guy turned up his speakers and it was so loud it made me jump while picking tomatoes in the garden.  One of the dogs barked at the noise, and became very agitated.  He got on his microphone and I distinctly heard my name and "thank you" and most likely said Hubby's name first.  I'm sure the town nearby is fed up with him by now too.  It's possible that he's harassing us because someone did shut him down.  I didn't get his voice on film, but I did get the noise, and I do see 4-wheelers passing by already today.  

And this post is as random as the last few - cut more spearmint to dry.  My goal was to cut lavender buds, but I waited too long.  Will cut some after the next buds arrive.  


EMMA said...

This mud bog guy is a real problem, it must be driving you nuts.

My Garden Diaries said...

I hope they figure out that situation for frustrating. On the bright side that salsa looks amazing as does the spearmint! You hang in there... I believe good things will come for you all! Nicole xo

Sandra said...

That sounds so good.....

Nancy po said...

Looks good! How's it going with the wacky neighbor???

Liz said...

Unbelievable this is still going on! And to hear your name over a loud speaker...ugh!

Kristina said...

The mud bog is definitely a problem. It's making our home not a home anymore, and he needs to be shut down by officials very soon. School starts next Wed. here and the kids will not have any peace and it could affect their mental state and grades. I am praying daily that someone does something. I am sure the nearby town mayor could hear everything yesterday. It went well into the night and up to 1:00am agitating the dogs.

RB said...

There are so many things salsa is good with. Sometimes I've even used it in place of salad dressings, and it's yummy.

God bless.