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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tea Time in Tanganyika

When tension brews, I brew a cup of Holy Basil tea.  I'm now growing Holy Basil in my garden.  I'm patiently waiting to harvest it.

We are tea and coffee enthusiasts (if you want to call us that), and love to try new varieties.

My dad always had a saying he'd say me when he saw me unraveling (so to speak).  He'd notice if I'd be chopping  potatoes a bit too loudly on the cutting board and whatnot.

He'd say, "Is it tea time in Tanganyika?"

Okay, so I'm stretching it today for a post, but there is only one day left in June.  YAY!

What's your favorite tension/stress relieving tea?

We are expecting rain today.  The gnats tell me so.  I'm heading back out to "weed city" and pick more sugar snap peas.   Tomatoes are on, so I need to finish staking too.

I'm late getting out there, and what do you know?  Stalker guy paid us a stalking visit at 9:07am today already.  Patience, patience, patience (I keep telling myself).  The law just does not work as as fast as we'd like.



Nancy po said...

Do you flip him off when he drives by? Or show him your shotgun:)

Kristina said...

Nancy po, it is very difficult to restrain from responding to him. Let's just say we are drinking a lot of Holy Basil tea here to keep us calm.

Susan said...

Keep drinking that tea! The less you feed into his crazy, the better. What a shame that he is your albatross right now - I hope the law steps in SOON. My stress relief tea is lemongrass ginger. It works wonders for me. I have never tried Holy Basil tea - but I will.

Haddock said...

When the tea is brewing, I usually pluck two basil leaves from my garden and add them in the brew.

RB said...

I am a tea drinker too and use a Teapot-for-One with the cup that fits on the bottom that a friend sent me long ago (thanks Monica) for which, I heat 2 cups of water in my large Fire King measuring cup in the microwave before adding it to the pot to brew because heating ceramics in a microwave is not considered safe. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, but I also loved the spice varieties like Taso, etc., although I must confess, I've never heard of the Holy Basil one. What's it taste like?

Also, seems like stalker guy might be trying to figure out your pattern - when someone's home and when someone's not, so I'd vary the pattern as much as possible, if you can. Continuing in prayer for you.

God bless.


Kristina said...

Holy basil has a flavor neither and daughter and I can explain very well. I know that doesn't help. It's a slight peppery taste, but delicious.

Kristina said...

RB, we do believe our home is being watched daily. Even by his so-called friends. I'm outside almost every day. We never leave the home empty either. We've alerted the authorities too. We pray daily for God's answer/solution to all of this. And His protection. I do appreciate all your prayers too.

Kristina said...

One more thing...RB,
If you go into my "about" section of my blog, you can email me your address. I'll glady send you a teabag. I first bought Alvita brand, organic, but cannot get it right now. So I bought another brand (organic), called Tulsi (Holy Basil). These are wrapped individually.

RB said...

Oh wow Kristina. I'm blessed you're being cautious and watchful.
Continuing in prayer for your safety too, and of all your critters, that no one harms them either.
God bless.