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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Porch Thyme

There is always time for the porch.  Last year I planted thyme all around in the flower garden surrounding the porch. We'll see if it deters more mosquitoes this year.  I have some by the back porch too. 

Weeded most of the day, did some laundry and blah-de-blah-de-blah.  Oh wait, we are supposed to be happy when we do that stuff.  What am I thinking?  Tsk tsk.  Actually, I was happy to see that most of my carrots came up.  I may have to replant some beets, but they look pretty good too.

A very short post today.  This blog-a-day challenge is really a challenge today.  There was only one exciting thing yesterday. 


It's one of those ticket booths you see at a fair.  An elderly gentleman lost a tire yesterday, and asked if he could work on it in the driveway. I told him sure.  He spent the good part of the day there, and had to go buy a new tire, which ended up flat again.  He came to the door and asked if he could leave it for the night and come back today.  When Hubby got home he came up with this hilarious concoction.

"Let's sell "Mud bog" tickets from our place, and then tell them the entrance is up a mile and then half a mile that way," pointing to the opposite direction of where it really is. Ha ha!

Ha, I bet the guy is up at his grandmother's house pondering day and night what we are up to.  He he!  At least we can laugh about it anyway.  Word got to us yesterday, that this guy plans to run his "Mud Bog" business again this weekend.  

As we talked on the porch, we realized we have orange cones we can block our drive with this weekend, but found out that Hubby loaned them out.  Not sure if I can get them back by Friday or not.  

It rained last night, so it's indoor work for me this morning.  Hope your day is peachy and filled with blessings.


Mama Pea said...

In our area, for someone to do what your "neighbor" is doing (running a "Mud Bog" business), he'd have to have appeared before several councils and commissions to get permission and have gotten licenses up the wahzoo. I'm betting he's actually violating several laws, rules and regulations in your area, too, and will be shut down soon. The sooner the better, huh?

Kristina said...

Mama Pea, you are right. We have contacted every official we can so far, and have not heard back from the township. We've also updated the county in regards to the floodplain. He's running big trucks over the waterway, and could be causing damage to the floodplain. We are still (ugh) waiting for the survey. Hubby called again today to speed things up. Also, where are all these people going to the bathroom? Most likely they are adding sewage to the water, along with oil from the vehicles. Last night I had trouble sleeping, wondering if anyone will pull through and shut it down.

Kelly said...

I think charging admission is hilarious!!!!!
Hope you get your cones. If not. Didn't you have brick columns or something on either side of your driveway. Put a chain across it. Cinder blocks across the driveway would work too. Heck I'd even put a board with nails in it. You might have a bunch of unsavory people with flat tires in front of your house but maybe they would think twice before using your drive as a turn around.

Carolyn said...

There has got to be some sort of watershed or environmental law that this guy is breaking (not that I agree with all of those laws, but that's besides the point here). That's a LOT of earth to be tearing up without it affecting the watershed.

Nancy po said...

Or you could can block your drive with a chain with spikes laid down :)A few flat tires might get the message across...

Nancy po said...

Could you contact an environmental group about that guy? If he damaging the area?

Kristina said...

Yes, about the waterway. I have contacted them again today. Hoping they can do something this time.

My Garden Diaries said...

Your porch looks so pretty friend! And yes...we are supposed to be happy doing the laundry! HA! And as for your ticket booth...wouldn't that be a hoot to be able to set up your cones! Though as I have been reading it sounds like a bit of headache with what your neighbor is up to....let us know how it all goes! Wishing you a wonderful end to your week! Nicole xo