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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Handiwork Update ~ Southwestern Egg Burritos

My youngest daughter emailed me this photo.  I thought it was so funny I just had to share.  This morning I certainly feel like that dog in the photo - still in my jammies, holding coffee, but with an ice pack instead of a towel.

The good news today, is that Daughter got on a flight yesterday (vs. today) and is in SC now.  Phew! 

Boy oh boy.  Yesterday, and the night before, was not a day to crochet.  I kept messing up.

Remember that #5 cotton crochet thread I bought a while back?  

I was about to finish this pink one.  However, with all the chaos  I messed up one square.  I had three squares crocheted together, only to find out I had to rip it apart.  Needless to say, it's put it aside for a few days.

I did get this one made with blues and yellows. It's already being used in the kitchen.

I also go this one finished too.  If you are looking for the pattern, it can be found in 101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects, by Laura Scott.  There are 3 different patterns.

I had checked this book out of the library before, but borrowed it again.

I treated the family to a big batch of Southwestern Egg Burritos. 

It's basically Serrano pepper, bell pepper, and eggs (and salt and pepper).  You can top them with salsa and cheese too.  I opened my last jar of home canned salsa to top mine with.  Yum.  I do think I will add more than one hot pepper next time.

I'll be flipping through the book again today.  I did see a Mexican Casserole that is very similar to the Cheddar and Chilie Egg Casserole (a Rachel Ray recipe) one we make (but with way more cheese in it).

Today I am thankful for:
~ the eggs the chickens are producing
~ the help we were able to obtain to get Daughter on a flight
~ coffee, of course
~ God's Guidance
~ my camera
~ instant photo machines
~ pen and papper
~ for those praying for my kids and us
~ quiet days
~ lemons that I've had my morning blog fun, I must get back to work.  Yesterday I thought those meat chickens were going to attack me to get their feed, ha ha!


Liz said...

Glad the daughter made it!!! Those are beautiful!

Willow said...

That is such a funny coffee/ photo phrase. lol