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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Almanac Update ~ Goats ~ Writing Updates

The Farmer's Almanac was right on target yesterday.  It snowed most of the day, but melted away by dinner time.

It's a good thing I was home too.  I went outside for something and heard Misty (another lamancha goat) crying out in the goat fence.  I was confused, because the barn door had not been opened for them to be out yet.

I discovered all the goats were inside but Rue and Misty.  She was so upset, crying, and crying.  Here, they had somehow unhooked the small sliding animal door, and squeezed out one side, but the other side remained latched. Misty, with her horns, could not get back in.  When I opened the door, she came running in covered in snow and crying.

Then late in the evening, when I went out to get the mail, I could hear her crying again.  Seriously?  She was the only one out this time and couldn't get herself back in. 

 I awoke at 3:00am this morning, and could not go back to sleep.  I realized that I had not double checked my deadline for the next freelance article - March 28th. Yikes.  It is not like me to wait until the last minute.

My current book. 

I bought it a year ago or so, with the intention of reading it on one of our own island trips, but did not.  In my cleaning frenzy, this book was found again.  Sometimes I like to just pick a book by the title alone, without reading the cover.  So far, I'm enjoying it.

In lieu of Hubby approaching a busier time at work, including working all weekend (for many weeks), I think I will surprise him with a candlelight dinner - red quinoa crusted Michigan caught salmon on a salad bed of baby kale, and possibly fresh fruit.

Updating to share the recipe link.  It's actually called Crunchy Salmon with Apple and Baby Kale Salad (Good Housekeeping magazine, April 2013) - another recipe from pile to file.  Note:  I did not follow the directions completely.  If you search for "quinoa crusted salmon" online, you can find more recipes.  I used red quinoa, onion, oil and turmeric and parsley (mixed with quinoa) on the salmon.


EMMA said...

Wow that dinner sounds delicious!
Snowing here again today!

Carolyn said...

It amazes me how STUPID goats can be. We have a horned goat that gets his head stuck in the same spot, every day, and only five minutes after I release him. There is NOTHING on the other side that he can eat, or even SEE to eat.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great dinner. You might need some new locks. Hopefully they don't figure them out.

Mama Pea said...

What a great wife and woman you are to go to that extra effort of making a candlelit dinner for your good husband. Not so easy to do when you're both so busy. But important. Good reminder!