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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reclaiming some "Z's"

Even Tiger was giving me the "eye to turn the lights out early, and I did.  Hubby was surprised.  "It's like six o'clock?" he exclaimed.  Really it wasn't.  It was about 7:30pm.  Still a shocker for everyone.  Me in bed early?  Ha.

Although Hubby and I made it to the gym yesterday morning, we both had upset stomachs, and I with a headache.  I did get my "all-out house cleaning" finished, and even brought in a jug of rain barrel water (to water house plants).  However, after getting Leftover Turkey soup in the crocky (which I spiked with some ground super chili pepper for health reasons), I was starting to run out of fuel.  

We both slept in and skipped the gym this morning, but to be honest, I think we needed it.  I'm glad we did.  If not, I think we'd both be really sick this week.

Outside of that awesomely, exciting bit if news, I have nothing.  Ha!  Nothing.  It's been slow going here, and no new trials or even tribulations to share.  Just that a gun shot woke me up at 4:20am.  After looking out north and south, I went back to bed.  I should have put on some slippers and gone out and looked west, but didn't.

As for my house cleaning day, I had to wash my bottom bed sheet 3 times. Yep, that's right.  With all of my clotheslines loaded to the hilt yesterday, the birds secretly targeted my bottom sheet.  It's the only thing they poo'd on.  And each time I put the sheet out, it happened again. Not the items directly next to it.  Just the one sheet.  Really?  

I do have 25 books out from the library.  Maybe I will simply heat a kettle of water, and sip tea and read today.  I do need to return some of them soon.  Most of them are recipe, holiday,and craft books.  However, my crafting mojo is even on hold today.  Maybe the books will jilt it into action again.  Then again, a rainy day is a good day to write too.


Sam I Am...... said...

Don't feel bad...I think it's "hibernation weather"....this time of year with the shorter daylight always seems to land me in bed earlier than in the Summer. I figure you must need it! After having company for several days it was early to bed for me too! LOL!

Sam I Am...... said...

I keep missing your "Read more"! But I discovered it and I'm back! Sure glad you and hubby got some much needed rest. Alias is really earning his keep. What a great dog he is. Sorry about the sheet...isn't that something? I always think of the birds in the Windex commercial sitting on the fence post "plotting".
I have yet to sit down in the daytime and read but I might need to also as I'm falling asleep early and not getting much reading done! LOL! TTYL!

EMMA said...

Put your feet up and just read or write, you always sound so busy.

Liz said...

I need to make a trip to the library! I gave up on hanging sheets out this year with all of the mullberry trees around us. I KNOW my sheets were used for target practice! lol...

Sharon said...

Hey Kristina,

I hope that you and your honey will be feeling better soon. You are smart to take it easy and relax. Get better soon!


Anna Watts said...

Sometimes, when we get tired enough, sleep just takes us. Glad you got to catch up. I got finally got some sleep in, too, the past couple of days. I think I needed it for energy to prepare for our winter storm.
I got a good chuckle out of your sheet story, lol. Sorry, I know you didn't think it was funny. But it reminded me of a shirt I had to keep washing for the same reason over the summer.
I LOVE your cat pic! Adorable! I do love those orange tabbies! My cat named Tiger is black/gray. Hope you all get to feeling completely better quickly.

Nancy Jo said...

Sometimes a person just need to lay down. That is a good thing and you should just go with it.
Cute Apron from your Mom in the other post.
Nancy Jo