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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homesteading and Healthy Habits/Hobbies

Awhile ago, I talked to a man who I traded my chicken's paws (he wanted to make broth with the feet) with, for a delicious jar of fermented cabbage.  He was impressed with our lifestyle and said, "It sounds like you have some healthy habits/hobbies."  Honestly, I can't remember if he said habits or hobbies, it's the word "healthy" that made a bell go off in my head.

Sadly, I never thought of it that way, but I am taking another perspective on it now.  Such as picking berries.  We dread it ever year - heat, sweat, prickers.  This year, when I talked to Hubby about it as a healthy habit, he agreed.  He does enjoy it, especially the delicious jam I make from the berries. 

I guess, because of society and the pressure to take the "convenience" route with all things in life, I felt we were always busy (as in the negative "busy"). I let society allow me to think of our way of living as a hardship, when it is not.  

Around where we live, you don't run in to folks like us (living off the land as much as possible, avoiding chemicals, and do-it-yourself folks).

Today I am thankful for:

~the milk the goats give us and for my daughter who milks them every day (and cares for them).
~folks with the same interests as us
~Hubby and the kids for picking all the berries for me this season
~Hubby, for installing the rain barrels (and wanting another one)
~for the bounty of green beans from the garden this season
~herbal teas
~God's love
~for the strawberries our plants are producing
~for the local library 
~for produce stands when our garden faces dreadful weather

Yesterday, the kids helped clean a bushel of sweet corn (we purchased), and I blanched and froze it.  We were thankful to get a bit of broccoli and cauliflower from the garden too.  We enjoyed both the leftover ears of corn, and veggies from the garden, at dinner.  I will need about 2 more bushels of corn to stock up for winter/spring.  

We are facing more heat today, and I will not be able to do much but pick strawberries.  My youngest has her library reading program this morning, so I'll be getting a visit to the library.  I'm hoping I can find the book that has a delicious cucumber dip recipe in it.

I need about 6 more ounces of strawberries before I can try a new recipe.  By golly, I'll get something canned this season.  I'm a woman on a mission.


Winnie Nielsen said...

One of the blessings of the MJF connection is that we meet and connect with others, like yourself, who are committed to embracing a different healthy lifestyle! There is a lot of pleasure derived from being somewhat self sufficient. And everyone loves the fruit of that effort like homemade jam!!!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I'm glad you're getting the corn... and hope you get more berries too.
I've tried both...been unsuccessful.
I do like living this way though.
I don't have goats...but the chickens are good, I love the eggs we get.
we only have 3 white pullets left and we're hoping to them in the freezer, though, they are good grasshopper eaters and yesterday one of them gave us an EGG!
Living simply isn't easy as some may takes work and lots of perseverance.

take care, have fun at the library!

Candy C. said...

Pat said it, living simply is HARD work but I think it's worth it! I really only have one friend locally who believes like I do, most of the time, that is why I am so thankful for being able to connect with like-minded people like you through our blogs. :)

Dolly Sarrio said...

I too enjoy our sisters with MaryJane. It is great to meet like minded friends. Great post!

Little Homestead In Boise said...

That's the thing about bloggin that's great- like minded people. Folks I work with have the "that sounds like a lot of work" mode. In the city urban homesteading is still pretty unusual. But it works for us...

RB said...

Chicken foot soup is AMAZING!!! Our Gypsy Grandmother made it, and my sis, Pattie and I would fight over who would get to suck on the feet when the broth was done. Yum!!!

Sadly, few people use those nowadays. Lord, if they only knew. ;o)

God bless.