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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Sunflower Blooms

The sun was not shining, but I saw that we had one sunflower blooming, and wanted to capture a photograph of it.  My zinnias are up, but I have yet to see butterflies this year. 

It's raining again.  I'm not complaining, but how can a person not think about all that investment going do waste.  Such a sad year.  

Hubby said a co-worker would give us 2 bushels of corn, and he's brought home 2 large squash.  I am still trying to locate a produce stand with beets and cabbage.  All of our cabbage was drowned this season.

We cleaned so much yesterday, I woke up with swollen and irritated eyes.  The fire extinguisher dust is all cleaned up (unless it's hiding in places we have not yet checked), everything was laundered too. 

Today, I will be using my Hay Max (thank you Emma for telling me about it).  Yesterday I forgot I bought some.  It's an organic, drug-free, pollen barrier balm.   I'd love to make this myself, but cannot (currently) locate a recipe to make it.  It should help today, especially with more rain, and our windows open.

I made an attempt at working on my crocheted rooster Christmas ornaments, but failed. After taking out the feet two times, I had to put it down.  My hands were so sore from all the weeding the other day, I was making too many mistakes.  I worked some deep penetrating (also organic) salve into my hands and will hope to get something finished tonight.

The house is not "sparkling" just yet.  There is much more to organize and clean yet.  I am mixing up a different batch of homemade bathroom cleaner, one that will be used to clean the vinyl flooring in the camper.  If it's a recipe worth sharing, I'll post it later.


Willow said...

So sorry about the dissapointment :(
Sending some cheer for better days ahead.
That one Sunflower is quite the cheery looker.
Zinneas are so prolific with their hardy flowering aren't they ? I make vases full of them for all the rooms and give boquets of them to friends and family ~ sometime I even have little buches out front on the farm stand table.

Sandra said...

Love the Sunflower!!

EMMA said...

Your sunflower is so pretty. I have planted some but they are yet to bloom.
Hope the Hay Max works for you. Look forward to hearing about your homemade bathroom cleaner.

Beth said...

Forgive me for being so late on commenting. After being without Internet for a whole week and trying to finish redesigning my entire studio I am just behind, behind, behind! I love that sunflower, the colors are so vibrant. I had hoped to plant some this year but with the crazy weather never got around to it. Let's hope next year is a wonderful gardening year!
Hugs and hope your hands feel better,
Beth P