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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pains of Planting Season ~ Chick on the Loose

This was day 2.  I think Aurora is not giving up my plant pot.  However, I did check on the comfrey, and after a good rain it should spring back to life.  

Today my hands hurt badly.  This morning, I dropped the coffee grounds, and then a two bowls.  My finger joints and hands are not working well today.  Planting 299 onions doesn't help.  It's amazing how many onions I got from 1 lb. of red and 2 lbs. of yellow.  I still have more in the bag.  Those will get planted in with the strawberries today.

I've been gardening these past few days, and will have updates on all that in a day or so.  Rain is on the way, and I have to get more planted.  My son finished all the mowing, and we still need to finish up trimming everything.  We have been so tired.

Yesterday was perfect for laundry.  I had all my clotheslines working overtime.  Somehow I managed to make crock pot lasagna for dinner in between all my outdoor work.

We had an interesting night last night.  First, a chick escaped from her box, and took a walk down the hallway and into the kitchen (with a cat chasing behind her).  We all got a laugh about that.  Good thing Tiger was just curious and not hungry.

Then, after that, I (we) heard an extremely loud screech of tires.  I have not heard anything so loud, other than the TV noise that usually blasts out of my sons speakers (gotta love how men like their "surround" sound when they watch TV).  I simply thought it was the TV.  Then I heard the girls go outside in a hurry.  We looked out and sure enough, in the head lights of other passing cars, were two dogs on the road.  The older three went out with flashlights, but the dogs took off and into the field.   We've seen stray dogs twice in the last few weeks. 

Today, it may take another pot of coffee to get my body moving.  Hubby is still working 10 hour days, so it's up to me to get the garden planted.  I have to remember that we'll reap the benefits at harvest. 



Kim said...

I love to hear of all the farmhouse antics.

Michelle said...

I am needing coffee today also. I just don't want to move today. The pass 3 days have been very busy. Maybe I just need to take a nap.

Candy C. said...

Getting the garden in IS a lot of work. I hear ya' about the aching hands, mine is arthritis. :(
I hope the stray dogs find somewhere else to hang out.

nancy said...

Have you tried fish oil? It's great for stiff joints. Most of my hand arthritis symptoms went away within a couple of months of taking 3000 IUs a day. Pretty cheap too....

EMMA said...

You sound very busy as usual. Growing food is such a lot of work, glad to hear you have your children to help. Without my father-in-law's aid we wouldn't get very far.
Your cats sound like a pair of clowns! and I don't thin Aurora gives a hoot about your comfrey!

Kristina said...

Hubby takes fish oil, so I do have some here. I will give it a try. Thanks!