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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From the Homesteading Journal . . .

 . . . installed our very first rain barrel (USA made).  We plan to install more, but want to check out more options on styles (and making them ourselves).  This one holds 55 gallons and will be close to the garden for watering it.  I also have a recipe to make this water drinkable, if ever it was needed in an emergency.  I have been doing some research on rain barrel care, and recently read that you should paint your barrel a darker color, in order to keep the sun from affecting the water inside.  This one can be hooked to another barrel, and we do plan to consider making our own.  Our goal is to install 2 (possibly 3-4) more in the next few years.  Here is a link to information if you are considering installing a rain barrel:  The Redeemed Gardener:  Maintaining a Healthy Rain Barrel.

. . . made a batch of homemade goat's milk ricotta cheese.  I used it to bake Lasagna Ruffles and some cookies.

. . . started cleaning out my flower beds. 

. . . Misty (our youngest goat) gave birth to a baby boy. 



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh I like that rain barrel!
I'd love to have some of these.
Also am looking at making something portable to collect the water when we backwash the pool pump. I hate to see that water wasted, you know?
Am always interested in this!
Congrats on the baby boy goat. :)

Kim said...

have you considered putting gold fish in your rain barrel? They eat the mosquito larve and adult mosquito.

Kristina said...

Yes, I mentioned it to Hubby, but we need to see if they will sit full that long. With the size of our garden, it may be emptied a lot. Not sure yet.

Liz said...

Great reminder for me on hooking up a rain barrel. Last year we had quite the drought. I want to be prepared this year!

nancy said...

We have our elevated on concrete block and 2 x 4s. That way it'll gravity feed. Ours are up about 3'...

Kristina said...

We are going to place concrete blocks underneath it. We just need to get them.