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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Handiwork Progress ~ Moving Onward

When my older brother stopped in recently, he also brought me a bag of old jeans from his wife.  I have already started cutting them into strips for another denim rag rug.

Sometimes you just have to "chuck" some projects and get on with life.  Some are just better given away or pulled apart.  I took apart the most recent scarf.....some things just don't need finished.  Not right now anyway.

I am still decluttering and organizing.  I have given myself the end of the month, so today I will be painting more kitchen cupboards and such.  I continue to give things away, donate them, and more. I successfully used up my white yarn, to make towel toppers.

Moving Onward

It's official.  I am well.  Sort of.  Although I still have an occasional cough, and my eyes look like I haven't slept in weeks, and congestion comes and goes on it's own will, I feel much better. Oh, I am able to wake up before 7:30am and not go back to sleep now too.   It helps too, when you have an 80 lb. hairy beast that needs to go out, and everyone else is still in bed.  She tends to get right on top of me if I try to ignore her - ha ha ha

I am back to teaching my 16 year-old daughter how to drive, and yesterday she did more 2-lane highway driving.  Another joy of motherhood - Not! 

Today, we actually had a sunrise we could see.  It basically blinded me this morning, and I loved it.

Yesterday, our 13 year-old daughter left on her class trip to D.C.  She is the second daughter to take this trip. 

Baby goat may get the name "Ellie" soon.  We get to see her and play with her every night in the house, for about an hour or more.  She even took a nap on my daughter's lap yesterday.  Sadie continues to "mother" that little gal too.

Yesterday's snow is no where in sight, and the sun is out - good laundry day.  Days like these remind me that I need to get my seed potatoes and onions.....and soon. 


A Year of Quotes:
"Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny."
  ~ Kin Hubbard 



onesimplefarmgirl2 said...

Sorry I haven't been around looking at your blog. Time restrictions and frustrations on my part. I am in the same boat as you with the 16 year old and driving. She is fantastic on hwy and country driving. Driving a tractor all these years but in the city I tend to brake the passager side a lot! Good to see you are feeling better. Many of my friends have been down for weeks with aches and pains, and then a terrible head cold. It hangs in doesn't it. De-cluttering here as well. I can finally see the end of the garden shed where we have been storing things. Now all the winter items, toboggans and skies need to be put away. I hope you market sales go well this year. I would love to be doing what you are doing, but alas I have a wedding to sew for. Oh its snowing here! Hope you have sunshine.

Kim said...

SO glad to hear you are feeling better. And I think we are all working on things for one market or another. I have a show the second weekend of April, 3 days.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

So wonderful to hear you're finally feeling well!
That must be a great feeling. The weather has been very mild and pleasant here this week...actually went a few days so far without a fire in the stove, though, some mornings it's a bit chilly- that just prompts me to get up and get moving.
Working on decluttering here too. Re-arranging and possibly going to toss some items in a last minute yard sale tomorrow and Saturday at my daughters. :)
hopefully cushion the kiddy!

Love the towels...I used to make those--hope you sell every single one!


Sam I Am...... said...

Before I forget, I loved your feed sack "curtain". It's lots prettier than mine! LOL!
I remember the D.C. trips my kids took too....long time ago.
Your towels are REALLY nice! I saw some the other day on Ravelry that were all crocheted out of cotton...same design but the entire towel was crocheted and it was a free pattern if I remember correctly.
Teaching driving....I'll say prayers for both of you! LOL! You're a great Mom.
So glad you're better. I was really starting to worry about you. I'm so glad I'm not alone in cleaning and clearing and trying to get things done albeit slowly...progress is progress! You go girl but get your rest too! TTYL!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear your better. My husband taught our daughter to drive. To nerve racking for me. The girls like their father doing it instead of me. They say he is a lot calmer. Can't argue with that.

Winnie Nielsen said...

Kristi, I have been waiting to read this!! You have been seriously sick for the past few months and it was quite worrisome to this farm girl. It is so good to hear that you feel better and are finding your energy again and able to resume your life once more. It has been a tough slog for you since before Christmas with one thing or another. I am hoping that the weather clears soon for you and that you will be able to get outside and start your famous garden !

EMMA said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. But you sound so very very busy! I hope you are giving yourself time to recover properly.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent news that you are feeling better! I love the little tea towels. I can picture baby goat taking a nap on your daughter's lap, how cute! :D Sorry about the driving lessons... I don't think I could do it myself but I give you loads of credit! :D Just keep telling yourself, "this to shall pass"! lol! I'm still waiting for the snow to leave, we still have about 10" left on the ground. Good news is some of the spots that I am replanting this year are slowly emerging so I can go out an pull weeds that were left from last fall... baby steps I keep saying.
Hugs and take care of yourself,
Beth P

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE your beautiful towlels and am glad to hear you're feeling better! Enjoy your weekend! ~tina