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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The "Old" Ways and Laminate Floors

(Tiger warming on the carpet in front of the corn/pellet burner)

My son asked me, "what does it mean to want to go back to the old days?  Do you really want to go back to horse and buggy?" he asked.

My answer is always yes.  No gas, no oil, no car repairs, no costs of new cars/trucks, no insurance, no car tags each year, etc etc. 

Yes, the horse will need fed, and the horse poo will need shoveled, but there are new inventive ways today, where horse poo can be used for heating homes.

I'm one of those people who are tired of handing out their hard earned cash, caught up in the hamster wheel of "get paid to pay bills, to back to work again."  Hubby is tired of it too.

So...could I possibly convince him to rip out the carpets and put in laminate flooring?   It may take several years to do both areas downstairs, but I'm definitely going to try.  I'm sure the carpet keeps the floors warmer, but here's my statement, and I'm sticking to it....

The Vacuum

~It runs on electric (we have the highest in the county)

~It is constantly needing repairs as it is used daily

~the current vacuum we have needs a new belt.  I went to 3 stores to buy belts that are said to be used on our model.  Not!  After burning up two of the new belts and one not even being tight enough, I had to resort to going on-line and buying one (with shipping costs) for $7.02.  You'd think this is no big deal, but with the daily use, and having no other option but on-line buying for parts, it's more bother and cost than a good ol' broom and dust pan.

~ a broom and dust pan cost me nothing but physical work, and we could all use that in our lives.

~with our allergies, the carpet is a magnet for allergens and all of us could use a break from it.

~with kids and dogs, and having to haul in wood all winter, it would be easier to clean.

~no costly replacement for new carpet in the future.

~no expenses on carpet shampoo or using an electric carpet cleaner, and we would have more space not having to store it.

~it will be safer to have in the rooms with the wood stove and corn/pellet burner.

~I am constantly saving old sheets and other fabrics, for rag rugs, so rugs would not be a problem if needed, and would not cost me anything but physical work and thread (depending on if I braided them or crocheted them). 

The end result - Simplicity.  

The downside?

What will I use to suck down all the spider webs? Ha ha ha!

Maybe I can convince him of one room first, and see how it goes.

.....adding it to the "wish" list.    





Carolyn said...

We're carpetless in the upstairs, but the basement still has some decent berber in it, so once that gets to being too grungy, we'll replace it with laminate.

I like the feel of the carpet on my feet when it's cold out....but that's what throw rugs and slippers are for!

Kim said...

I am right there with you. I have always said I was born in the wrong times. We are also in the process of getting rid of all our carpet.. But we are going with laminate in the living room'stairs, hallway. And I am about to do something neat in the bedrooms. Check out her floor idea here at An Oregan

Candy C. said...

I'm with you, I would LOVE to rip out all the carpet and go with throw rugs where needed! I think they just trap dirt, no matter how often you vacuum.

Yart said...

I use my broom to get the cobwebs down... Everyone laughs at me because I sweep the ceiling... LOL!

nancy said...

We got sick of carpets, and ripped out ours 2 years ago (except the bedrooms). We found a nice laminate from Costco, installed it ourselves and it looks great! I bought a couple of small area/runner rugs. I wash them as needed. Easier on the allergies, and more hygenic. Who know what grows in that stuff? It will be much cheaper down the road too, since it will last longer...

Michelle said...

We got rid of our carpet down stairs a year ago. I have never regretted it. Yes The floors show dust and dog hair, but one good sweep and I am done. Plus if something gets spilled I just grab a rag. There is no dragging out a big rug cleaner.

Mary said...

Thing of it is, laminate is very costly, it's not hardwood and it's easily worn out, can easily be chipped, and warped by washing, dampness, your shoes, furniture, pets, any number of things. I have friends who installed laminate and had to replace the flooring within 2 years. I don't like carpeting myself, but there are better options than laminate.

Kristina said...

Mary, I would love a wood floor.