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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kid Funny ~ More Frozen Pipes

"You'll all need to go get a jug of sink water in the other bathroom to brush your teeth," I told the kids since the pipes were froze (again).

"Be careful for what you wish for," said my 11 year-old daughter.  "Yesterday I was just saying that I wanted to go camping.  I feel like we're camping."

Blondie finally got a nicely warm turn out blanket, to cover her.  Golly, I'm so thankful for that.  She's looking better and better every day, and even the hair around her neck appears healthier and thicker.  Her foot seems to be getting better also.

I'm praying that the water pipes do not have any damage during this cold spell.  They seem to warm up later in the evening, but I still worry when the water starts to flow again.  Say a little prayer we don't have damage.

While my oldest daughter was shoveling frozen horse poo, her dog Sadie was having a blast playing with the ice that was knocked out of the buckets.  Silly dog.  


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Is that a black lab?
This is the 3 or so black lab that I know of that likes to eat ice!
One family makes that their dogs treat in the summer. He loves it!

I totally agree with frozen pipes, no water, feels like camping. I had that same feeling when the water heater broke. We had to boil water to bathe...and no showers! True. just like camping...LOL!

Oh, I am praying that you don't have damage to the pipes. Hang in there. Pat

Michelle said...

My dog loves to eat ice. I will say a pray that your pipes aren't damaged. Glad to hear your horse is better.

Candy C. said...

I'm glad Blondie is doing better! Isn't it amazing what a little food will do?
I hope all your pipes are okay. I'm so glad we happened to be AT the barn when the pipe thawed out so that we could shut the water off right away.

nauget bluff said...

We are also bone cold, but not as bad as you, so never had to deal with frzen pipes...don't really want to either..fingers crossed for you!

Nancy po said...

Hope your pipes are ok! Have you tried heat tape, not sure if it would work?

Sam I Am...... said...

When we lose power they say to open your cupboard doors where the pipes are and also leave the faucet to drip a bit so the pipes don't freeze. I did that during our outage a few years back when I had no electric for 8 days but then it's not as cold down here but also the pipes aren't buried very deep like in the North. Hope this helps! You'll know if you have damage because they'll burst!