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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From the Handiwork Journal . . .

 . . . I am up to about 52 feet on my braid of rags for my rag rug.  This was kind of forgotten about over summer and the holidays.  This project continues.

. . . still plugging away at knitting basket weave blocks for a blanket. 

. . . my 11 year-old daughter knitted her first bean bag.  She still needs practice, but she continues to learn.

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Candy C. said...

Your daughter did a great job for her first project! :)
I really like the basket weave blocks, they will make a lovely blanket.
How many feet of rag braid will you need to make a rug?

Kristina said...

For one for my bathroom sink, I am thinking I need about 80 maybe? I cut my strips a bit thinner than I should have, so my braid is not too wide. One lesson learned. I am not ironing them and folding them like most directions say to do either. I am just braiding and then sewing it all together.

Michelle said...

I need to make a rug. It would be a great way to use up all the fabric that will never be used in a quilt. Tell your daughter great job.

Anna W said...

Your daughter did a great job!

I can't wait to see both of those projects when you get them finished! I hadn't thought of a rag rug. I have all of these clothes that I intercepted from the flea market before they went into the dumpster. Some have faded shoulders (from being hung out on racks in the sun), some have a little tear or spot here or there and some had just not sold over time and they were simply tired of them and wanted new stock. I just can't stand to see all of that fabric go into the dumpster, so I bring it all home and hunt things to make out of them. Guess I better do some reading to see how to make a rag rug to see if that would work. Do you have instructions any where on here?

Kristina said...

I will see if I still have print instructions for the one I already made by crocheting the strips together. I simply cut or rip material to about 2 inches wide, and sew the ends together, then roll in rag balls. I think there may be a photo of my crocheted one on my blog, I'll check and add the link if I can find it. I've never braided one before, so this is a first for this project.