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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Downsizing Our Vehicles ~ Smaller Paychecks

"Old Faithful" is finally repaired.   She needed a new water pump and heater core, among other small repairs.  

My son's car is at it's end.  His plan is to junk the entire car for cash.  He can put that cash towards a new one when he gets a job and can purchase one.

But in the meantime, he needs a way to get to work.  We are in the boonies, and a bicycle is in no way, an option.

So, he and and plan to share old "Eunice" until he can do that.

As we put our truck "Old Faithful" up for sale, we are sending the van back over for more repairs (again).  It's not been driven for a year now, and still needs a new battery (the plan is to keep the battery from my son's junked car).

Once those repairs are completed, it will be up for sale too.  We both agreed.

The sale of the truck and van, and eventually the Buick my son and will share, will buy us one new vehicle that I can drive, and be used for all the farm hauling - a truck.  

Or, we sell the van and car, and keep the truck for farm hauling - plan B.

Those are the plans anyway.   I still have another 16 year-old in training, and will need a car, but that will have to be put on the "wish" list for now.  

First things first....


onesimplefarmgirl2 said...

We do this every winter. It saves about $150. a month just gas alone. It takes a lot of organizing though, but what else do we have to do with our time in January ....right?

nancy said...

Sometimes you just have to be creative, good thinking! What about a scooter for the son? Much better mileage and small to store...

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

We have been in the same boat as you are now in...and it isn't fun. The car shuffling.
I had someone tell me one time, "If you could just get on top of a new car, it would save you so much money and trouble." Meaning if we had a new car all our problems would be solved.

We drive our cars and maintain them the best we can, when it comes time to sell. We always try and upgrade...isn't that what everybody does? But seriously ...a new car!
They aren't worth it anymore.
I hope you get your vehicle situation figured out soon. Every little bit helps when the paychecks are smaller.

Candy C. said...

It sounds like you guys have a good plan in place!