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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bringing Her Horse Home

If our life isn't interesting enough, it just got even more.  We don't make this stuff up....

Meet Bombshell Blondie.  She's my daughter's horse.  We suddenly needed a place for her.

The people that were leasing her just up and disappeared, and stopped paying her boarding.  My daughter has been unable to reach these people also.  We are told that both the woman and her husband had lost their jobs.  However, I am upset that they handled it this way, by simply leaving and cutting off all communication.  Once I was told, hubby and I scrambled to figure out how to get her here.  It was our only solution, as we could not pay her boarding as well.

With a make-shift stall in one of the barns (a barn that is in the best condition), and a temporary fencing area, a free trailer trip to bring her, a free bag of horse feed, we succeeded.

Unfortunately, she is up for sale.  My daughter had not been able to find a job and is attending college.   I hate to see her have to sell her, but that is her choice.  The horse came to us very underweight, and is very happy to have grass.  By nightfall, she appeared to be much happier.  If she doesn't sell, and we are able to keep her, Blondie will get a new lean-to and a larger pasture.

Just say a prayer that she loves her stall and fencing area enough, to not try and leave it.  I don't want to be chasing a Thoroughbred around.  And I don't need her crossing the 2-lane highway we live on either.  

My daughter, and a good friend of hers, put together a very quick blanket - one fleece blanket underneath, and leftover fleece from one of my sewing projects on top, and twine.  It worked out perfect until we can get her a good blanket.    Thankfully, we are not having snow and rain.  Yesterday it was very cold - wind chill at 11°F. 

As a child living in the city, my parents owned two horses.  Since then, I've been on one or two, but I do not have the good knowledge of caring for a horse.  Thankfully, my daughter does.  I already learned a lot in one day.


EMMA said...

Oh dear, sorry to hear that you have to sell your daughter's horse. But I imagine that they are quite expensive animals to keep.
Hope Jesse's paw is doing OK.

caprejan said...

So sorry this has happened, some people have no feelings do they? for the animal and yourselves. Im sure Blondie is very happy to be home, but the committment is great also. Will say a little prayer for you all.

nauget bluff said...

Growing up, it seems everyone had a horse.. and of course, I thought I wanted one too.. Thankfully, my parents never took me seriously as they are a lot of work..but should be as they are a large, magnificent, animal and need someone really dedicated for their care. It must have been a hard decision for your daughter and I hope a good solution can be found..

and I hope that something dramatic and wonderful will happen with the economy soon...too many people hurting..


Nancy po said...

Hopefully a nice person will buy her and give her lots of love....

Candy C. said...

As we know only too well, they are expensive to feed. I hope you guys can figure out what is best for Blondie AND your daughter. She is a pretty girl! :)