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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You Want an Outhouse?! ~ Morning Sunrise

 "What?" exclaimed the kids!  "Why would you want an outhouse?!

For about the last four years, I've been telling the family it would be nice to have an outhouse.  

Well, we found out we have a leak under the house, under the kitchen bathroom.  This is part of the old farm house, and who ever put in the new parts (before we moved in), did a terrible job, according to Hubby.  

I also found out there is only about 1 1/2 feet or less, deep of a "crawl space" and we cannot go under the house.  I guess back in the 30's or 40's they didn't think that someday those pipes may not hold, and someone would need to crawl under there.

We had to cut a hole in the bathroom floor.

First the toilet was removed.  The seal was good.  The guys moved it out to the side porch.  In the photo above, the toilet is next to the wall, and on the other side of hubby is the stand up shower (that small).  Then the wood laminate flooring was removed.

Once the toilet was removed, they cut a hole in the floor (in the photo it's just below the flashlight).  The sink is 1/2 the size of most bathroom sinks, and is directly across from the toilet.  Due to space issues, hubby's legs are out the bathroom door - ha ha!

Then they cut the hole bigger.  I was in my room, shaking my head, thinking of what this will require - cash, parts, and new flooring.  Maybe a new toilet.  We already have to replace the shower, and dry wall, but lack the funds for that.  

While parts are purchased and re-installed, we closed the bathroom door for the night.  There is no fan, window, nor heater in this bathroom.  The people prior to us, simply tried to update the original bathroom the house had.  They installed the cheapest stand-up shower they could, and the smallest vanity they could.  We have had several under-the-sink leaks over the last 4 years too.
For now......6 of us will be sharing one bathroom.  Hubby is back to work today, so this project may take a while.  Let the fight for the bathroom begin....

 On a good note, here is this morning's sunrise.  It's not great photo, as I was on the porch in my jammies and it was freezing out.  Not to mention the on-going traffic wondering what I was doing. I'm glad they have something to talk about today. Ha ha ha! 


Carolyn Renee said...

I always dread plumbing projects. Hope yours doesn't take too long or too many greenbacks.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh girl. Feel for you. Hate plumbing jobs. Glad you have a hubby and 'they guys' to help get it running.

So, so glad you have another bathroom. We only have one bathroom and a remodel had to be done in stages... not easy.


Candy C. said...

What a bummer about the leaky pipes and an even bigger bummer about having to share ONE bathroom! :(
Your sunrise was beautiful though, that must have helped some.