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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

From Garden to Tree - Frugal Okra Ornaments

Treasures for the Christmas Tree
101 Festive Ornaments to Make and Enjoy
by Carol Taylor

I had to share this.  We grew okra one year, and no one really liked the slime it produced when sliced.  It's great fried, but if you have any you have dried up, and are looking for frugal ornament options, this is a fun one.


Candy C. said...

They are really very pretty and would be a good use for the ones that get too big. We don't eat okra either, blech. ;)

Sam I Am...... said...

The cupboards are so gorgeous in the white! What a difference! You go girl! I'd love to get my hands on a bunch of organic apples but there's not much of that down here.
I feel the same way about okra but I've had pickles that someone made once and they were great and I love those ornaments! I could probably hang outside now if all the ticks are dead or froze but then it's not good for my arthritic hands to hang wet clothes out in the cold so I'll pass. My HE washers though practically have the clothes coming out dry so they don't need much time in the dryer at all.
I'm getting old and some of that stuff I just have to let go of nowadays like carrying a load of wet laundry down to the basement to hang is more dangerous for me than paying a little for the drier upstairs here. I did it for years though like you.

nancy said...

How cute! I love the shapes!

Anna W said...

Those are really pretty!
I was at a craft show this year and one woman was selling Christmas ornament she had made out of Okra. They were Angels! She had somehow split the pods (while they were soft) and turned them inside out to make a skirt.... then again for the wings. Wish I had gotten one for a pattern. She said she did it because the inside of the pods were so much prettier than the outside and they needed to be seen that way.