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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Writer's Muse ~ Winter Work

The girls fight over who gets my "bling" rings when I'm done writing in November.....I'm off to paint my fingernails. 

Then it's off to the store to restock my "snackages" - dark hot cocoa, deluxe mixed nuts, specialty teas, and of course bubble gum.

Snackages - a word mother use to describe their hidden stash of snacks they don't want to share with their kids, husband or pets, to keep their sanity while taking care of the family and herself.

Year round, our work duties change, and our routines change.  The kids and I started the day (and hubby too) with splitting the last of the wood we had in the barn, and stacking it on the front porch.

Yesterday, my wonderful, younger brother, brought me a load of wood.  He not only did that, but he took care of the brush and mess where he got the wood (he had to take all of it).  He not only did that, but loaded into his nice truck. 

We helped unload, and I gifted him some farm fresh eggs.  I wish I could have given more, but the cool air is slowing down the chickens already.  I hope that my home sprouted beans will keep the eggs coming in this winter.

And that's not all.  He put up with my younger two girls, who love to pick on him and he pick on them.

Our truck is still broke down, so we are very thankful for his help.  Hubby has been working overtime again, and sometimes getting home at midnight, and going back at 6:30am the next day.  Yesterday he worked 2nd shift and is back to work all day long today, possibly until midnight.  It makes it tough on getting repairs and work accomplished. 

I don't have farmgirls close by, that have the knowledge, or the time, to put up goat stalls, fix vehicles, nor fix a possible water leak under the house.  The water pump has been kicking on and off when it should not be. 

Hubby did replace all the parts in the toilet tank, but the pump continues to kick on.  We have no crawl space to get under the old part of the farm house.  We will have to dig out a hole, use a very good flash light, and see if we can spot any leaky pipes.  Not what we wanted to deal withWe can't afford a bug infestation down there (due to water sitting) and we can't afford to burn up our pump either.

So, when my son gets up, we will see what we can do on our own today.

Then, it's back to writing.  With all the work yesterday, I did not write at all.

I may need to drive out for wood pellets too.  We are down to one bag, and burning on #1, it will last about 32 hours or so.  This year they are $3.99/bag.  Stores like Meijer and Wal-mart here are selling them from $4.50 to $5.00/bag.  Ever year the price goes up, but it's still less expensive than our electric heat.

Yesterday was a good day for drying laundry outside also.  The sun was out, and wind was just enough to dry everything.  And the smell?  Intoxicating.  I love the smell of my laundry after it's dried outside.  It's invigorating and soothing, both at the same time.  


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Candy C. said...

Love the snackages term!
Here's hoping for NO leaks under the house!! (fingers crossed)
I agree about the smell of laundry dried out on the line, it's so wonderful!