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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Forgot the Back Porch Furniture....

Sunday we officially started to use the wood stove and corn/pellet burner.  It's taking time getting used to the routine of stacking wood and loading stoves again.

Yesterday the kids helped me put all of the front porch furniture in the barn and cover it up.  However, in our hurry, we forgot the back porch furniture.  Hmpf.  That's one of the pieces in the photo, covered with morning sleet.  It looks like snow, but it's really icy sleet.

Yesterday morning I fought the rain, at getting my laundry dried. I ended up bringing it in and drying it on racks in front of the stoves (including the bed sheets).

The school had a scheduled 2 hour delay for a teacher work day, but we would have had one anyway.  The sleet continues to come down.  I'm so glad my son helped me re-stock the wood on the front porch.

I hope we get another break in the weather soon.  We have much more winter prep to do on the chicken barn. 


Sam I Am...... said...

Oh's not that cold or nasty here yet. It's been furnace and no ac! I have a fire going in the evening and that keeps us toasty until the sun comes out the next day. It's been in the 50's and now 60-70's this coming week.
I did bring wood into garage from wood pile and then I keep an old metal boiler filled with wood, an old metal pot with lid filled with paper "starters" and an old coal bucket filled with kindling. I too have to get used to keeping those 3 items filled and then refill the ones in the garage etc. I have a wood pile outside covered with tarps and on nice days I take from that to refill the wood in the garage which is attached to the house that way if it's nasty...mostly icy here, then I just have to go to the garage. I can keep about 3 days worth in there or on the back enclosed porch before having to go outside at all.
Do you get more ironing resulting from hanging clothes inside? The iron uses lots of electric too and I found I was doing way more ironing than if I used my drier and my washer gets the clothes practically dry when they come out now that I have the HE kind. Just curious.
I have a great "healthy" tea biscuit/cookie you'd appreciate later today on my blog and it is dleicious. Another recipe from that book I'm reading. I found out she wrote 2 other books also. TTYL!

Katmom said...

Oh Kris, we have one of those portable fire pits...and well, in true Grace fashion,,, I forgot to put it under the balcony before the rains started... I now have a potable pond! lol! Needless to say, until this rain stops, there will be no sitting by the fire pit (or pond)! lol!
farmgirl hugz

Candy C. said...

Brrrr!! I'm sure this weather will break in a day or so! :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

we are having unusually warm weather... (well, only unusual, because over the weekend it was really cold) I guess the weather is par for Texas this time of year. But...I with the sun going down sooner...I MUST remember to get up on wash day and get it done early!
My sheets that I washed in TIDE...they were line dried INSIDE! I had 3 loads hanging outside... I wonder if I'd dried them outside if they'd had such a pungent and overpowering fragrance?

I love seeing laundry on the line. Glad you got your laundry done!
We were able to finally burn a fire in the stove over the weekend. I loved it.
Stay warm!

nancy said...

We're having a freakish 70 degree couple of days, wtih winter back soon. Put away our yard stuff, freezing soon...