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"Eat it up,
Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Friday, October 26, 2012

Excerpts from a Journal Junkie

from the homesteading journal . . .

Days here either mighty cold, warm, windy, rainy, or all of the above.  Mother nature can't make up her mind.  We took out some of the plants from the garden, unhooked the water hose and put it away, and pulled any plastic that was down for weeds. There isn't too much left to pull.  I treat the goats to the pepper plants and the mustard greens.

Every day now, I sweep the patio(s) and gather the leaves.  They go directly on the garden this year.

I emptied the dehydrator once more (with green peppers) and filled it back up.  I have more peppers to dry, but the garden is done producing now (other than sugar snap peas, mustard greens and more lettuce). 

...canned more organic applesauce and two batches of Cinnamon-Cider Jelly.

...sprouting mung beans in a canning jar for us, and to see if the chickens will like them.

from the handicraft journal . . .

. . . continuing to work in the knitted dishcloths that were ordered.  I am about to start the 6th one.

. . .worked a few rows in my second shawl.  I need to spend more time on this project.

. . .worked on a few homemade Christmas ornaments.

from the gratitude journal . . .

I am thankful for:

~heated rice packs, for recovery and rest
~help from the kids, especially in the garden
~the organic/natural pet remedy for bad pet allergies
~pillows, for more rest
~elderberries, for their healing properties
~my camera, for getting that one exciting photo when I can
~yarn, to keep my sanity
~good, hot coffee
~God's Word 

from the family journal . . .

. . . my son bought himself a new toy - a digital art tablet.  He has not been hired full-time yet, but he's now working 8 hour days at a distribution center (through a temp service).

. . .my 10 year-old is creating a game, for a school assignment, using a recycled board game (and pieces).  She also taught herself how to braid a 5 strand braid.  She is preparing early for a career as a hair stylist. 

. . . I put up my Christmas tree in my bathroomIt makes me happy - a white tree with all red ornaments and lights (I'm making the ornaments, so there are only 3 on it right now).

. . . my 13 year-old is reading The Three Musketeers.

. . . my 15 year-old turned 16.  I bought her 16 helium balloons as a surprise.  


1 comment:

Katmom said...

I soooo luv your tree,,,and in the 'potty room' no less!
I found a pink foil tree this summer that I use when Glamping....but I am actually toying with the idea of putting it up in the kitchen after Turkey day... heeheehee...