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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Early Spring

We all thought our winter here was strange.  Now we are shocked over this early spring weather.
My herb gardens are coming in faster this year.  Typically, I would not see my green onions looking this good (and needing thinned out) until April.

Even the chives are looking good in March.

My rosemary even shows signs of life.  In our climate, rosemary cannot withstand winter.  It has to be dug up and brought inside.  With last year's sickness, and stocking up, I never got around to digging it up.  The mild winter may have saved my rosemary plants.

Last year, I planted Swiss chard in my flower beds and herb gardens.  It is already coming up.  I planted some close to the house, so I could just walk out and pick some for breakfast dishes (and treat the female goats a few times).

Speaking of goats, my 15 year-old wants to plant a "goat garden" this year for her goats.  Then she can pick fresh produce to treat them.

...and speaking of my 15 year-old, she is back in school today.  Despite a horrible sore throat, bad cough, and not feeling well, we was diagnosed with a virus.  The strep test came back negative.    The good part is that she won't have to take antibiotics.  The bad part is that she will have to ride out the sickness.  Hopefully, she'll be over it soon.


Anna said...

I think a goat garden is a wonderful idea! I was just recently telling Dave that I wanted to plant some things just for the goats and chickens. Now I can say that I am not alone in my crazy idea, ha, ha. Have you ever heard of Mangel Red Beets? It is a fodder beet (HUGE) grown for the purpose of feeding livestock. We got some to try this year and are hoping for great results.
Glad to hear that your daughter didn't have strep and will soon mend. Strep can be so bad in so many ways, even after it appears to be over.
Isn't this early spring amazing! My chives already need trimming, I have been enjoying fresh green onions for awhile, now, my potatoes are over a foot tall, and countless other goodies are coming up.

Candy C. said...

I hope your daughter starts to feeling better!
A garden for the goats sounds like a good idea! :)

Nancy Jo said...

Hope she is feeling better soon. Just can't be sick n this good weather we are having!
Sounds like the growing season is starting early for you too. What do you do with all your herbs?
Nancy Jo

Brittany said...

Happy 1st day of Spring! Sorry your daughter is feeling so yucky.

Kristina said...

Nancy Jo,
I use almost all of my herbs for cooking, but will soon use them for medicinal purposes, along with using them in soaps etc. I dry most of them for winter cooking too.

Kristina said...

Anna, thank you for telling me about the Mangel Red Beets. I have never heard of them. I'll share that with my daughter too (who tends the goats).

Sam I Am...... said...

Does chard come back every year? Is it a perennial like asparagus? I'm planting as many "perennials" as possible both flower and vegetable. What kind of onions are those that come back every year? Thanks for all this great info.

Sam I Am...... said...

P.S. I hope your daughter feels better fast...poor sweetie. I hate when my children are sick even though they are grown up now. I guess I don't like to see anyone or anything suffer at all.

Kristina said...

It is the second year I left my swiss chard plants in the ground, and they came back both years. My green onions and chives both come back every spring. I never dig them up here.