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~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trouble with Hay ~ Learning from Magazines

Our last hay provider has told us that "it's just not worth the hassle" when we asked why he was not going to grow it next year.

Each year we locate hay, we run into this.  We will most likely have to grow it ourselves in the near future.
For now, we need to save money and repair one barn roof, and buy up what he has left, and store it up in a loft.  Prices have gone up to $3.00/bale, and straw up to $2.50/bale.

While walking on the treadmill, I actually read a magazine.  I thought I had purchased "Backwoods Home" but brought home "Back Home" magazine.

There was a lot of information packed into that magazine.  I learned that witch hazel can be used to help dry up poison ivy, I learned tips on raising a milk cow and drinking raw milk, I learned tips on raising beef, and so much more.


Carolyn Renee said...

Not that I'm undermining your financial position on the prices of hay....but here's we're paying $7.00 for a small square bale of hay. I paid $65 for a VERY LIGHT large round bale of crappy hay. I know, it doesn't help you......but I have to vent a little about my hay problems, sorry! :)

Don't think I've ever seen a "Back Home" magazine. Will have to check it out whenever I get a trip into the "big" town bookstore.

simplicityinthemaking said...

Hay prices are up for two reasons here. One only one cut due to so much rain last three summers. and the second is the cost of diesel fuel.We grow our own but the cost of cutting and bailing has gone crazy.

Candy C. said...

Feel fortunate for your hay prices, 100# bales of alfalfa are over $20 here and 100# bales of bermuda are about $18.

nancypo said...

I read website, free, great info there too!

Sharon said...

Hay, wow, what a topic. For a long time I was at the mercy of the hay sellers, it was such a hassle. Then we purchased our own place...and no one would hay it for us. So, we spent a bundle of money on the equipment. Now, that we are taking care of it, our hay is the best.

What people do not understand it that the price we would need to charge for baling their hay is pretty high. We have big $$$ money on the equipment, repairs, helpers, and for other expenses. We don't want half of their crop, we want $$. The timeline is a problem, the crop is only at the best for a short time. It is a hassle for us.

labbie1 said...

I never heard that about witch hazel! I know it is good for many many things, but this is a new use!

Sounds like your serendipitous purchase of the wrong magazine was really a good one!

Sorry about the hay! Wow!