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Wear it out,
Make it do,
Or go without."
~A Pioneer Sampler, by Barbara Greenwood~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Braided Rag Rug, Heart Wall Paper Note Cards and More Projects

We weren't really snowed in yesterday, but we did get snow.  It was perfect for sitting down in front of the wood burning stove, and to start braiding a rag rug.  

This is more difficult than I thought.  I remember watching repeats of Little House on the Prairie, where Caroline is sitting in a rocking chair braiding rags into a rug.

In the above picture I had rag balls that are from pillow cases and an old fabric shower curtain.  It was cumbersome to braid from these rag balls, while sitting in a chair.  I sat down on the floor, and it worked much easier.  Although, I did have to fight off three licking dogs who thought I was sitting on the floor for their playtime.

It was also a good time to crochet my 10 year-old a pair of mittens she's been begging for.  I have never crocheted a pair of mittens and I think I did pretty good.  The only part that stumped me was the thumb.  I know I made mistakes on that part, but will have to practice them a few more times to get it right.

I love snow on a sunny day also.  Especially looking out at it, untouched and sparkling in the sunlight.  Friday was a good day for working a small amount of time on several unfinished projects.

I'm still knitting blocks with the basket weave pattern.  

I'm working on crocheting another granny square bookmark.  This one has more edging on it.

It's a good time today (Saturday) to start on making Wall paper Heart Note Cards for my mother.  I made her these several years ago, and she loves them.  To see more styles I made you can visit S.C.R.A.P.

Of course, before I can start any projects like these, I need to help split wood (after hubby fixes the chain saw), muck the chicken coops, collect eggs, and finish indoor chores.


Carolyn Renee said...

Beautiful note cards! And the other stuff too! It's nice that winter gives us a "break" (ha!) so that we can sit in front of the fire and do these little crafts.

Katmom said...

Hey Kris, I so envy you and your knitting skills.... that is one thing I just can't seem to master.... so I will stick to my 'can of spray paint' and paint anything that doesn't move! lol!
Enjoy your relaxing's raining here and most of the snow is gone.... :>)

Candy C. said...

Beautiful pictures of the snow! I have never seen crocheted mittens before, very nice! Can't wait to see your finished rug! :)

labbie1 said...

You are a busy busy woman! That bookmark is lovely! Good job on the mittens! I made a braided rug--scratch that--I crocheted that rug! Forgot--brain fart. :) I just took the material like I would for braiding and crocheted it instead. Came out great! :)