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Sunday, January 22, 2012

When the Kids Don't Feel Like Watching TV

That's a shocker title - "Don't Feel Like Watching TV."  You'd have to wonder what's wrong with them.  Even though I try to limit what they watch, for them to say that, is a rarity in this house.

I guess it's proof that your kids watch what you do, and I do a lot of handiwork here.  I do think that "craft" got a bad name somewhere along it's lifetime, and we often hear people say "I don't craft."

If you think about it, even cooking can be a "craft."  It's a skill using your hands, and it's a bit sad that "crafting" has been stereotyped.

Okay....back to my story.  After a long day of working out, shopping for groceries, and picking up one kiddo at an overnighter, I was ready to relax early.  I decided "jammie" hour came early and began to knit in my room. 

All the sudden, kids started coming in and going in an out of my closet (also the storage area for most of our crafting supplies).  I watched and wondered what they were up to.

"I need to do something to expand my creativity.  I feel like my brain is rotting."

Out the door she (my 15 year-old) went with the box of paints.  Then she came back.

"Do you have any large paper?" she asked

"Of course I do," I proceeded to explain where I had it stored (I still have large paper I bought over 3 years ago at a S.C.R.A.P. store in Michigan).

Out the door she went again.

About an hour later, I was being shown paintings that my 17 and 15 year-old daughters painted - finger painted.  They were all giddy and laughing and having a good time.  My younger two daughters were also painting.

Then my 10 year-old walks in, "do you have any bows in there?" she asks pointing to the closet.

"No, those are all in the garage now."

She goes into the closet.  

"Oh, I know what I can use!  Ribbons!"

She later hands me a letter and a wrapped gift.  The letter told me how much she missed me when she stayed overnight at a friends, and the gift was a recycled valentine's heart candy box (small) painted with foam figures and beads glued to it.

I'd say my kids are full of creativity.


nancypo said...

Good for them, and that they can oenly express their love for you, even more important. Go Mom!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

OH, that's too cool...and I LOVE that they went for the craft supplies instead of heading for the tv (not that tv is bad.. :)...but I think working with your hands is great :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

Candy C. said...

Good for them! I think "crafting" is a very good thing! :)

labbie1 said...

Wow! Those are keepers! I love the way that they used their crafting to make beautiful things!